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Words From Statisfied Clients & Audiences 

Cash Flow, Business Coach, Women, Entrepreneur

Stuff Worth Shouting About

Words from Satisfied Clients & Audiences


"Debbie is equal parts coach, consultant and cheerleader. She gives me the space to find my own way, brings in relevant ideas and guidance based on proven success in her and her client's businesses, and sends me back into the world with a boost. As a fellow systems dork, she has helped me refine my systems for tracking so that I have a better grasp of where my business comes from and holds me accountable to consistent and dedicated action that will help me generate more business. I hired Debbie at a crucial time in my life both personally and professionally. Through the ups and downs she has helped me stay on track and coached me to a bigger vision for my life and business. If you are looking to grow your business in a way that honors your own personal style and perspective, hire Debbie. She will help you get results."

Elise Enriquez  |  Owner, Shine A Light Coaching


"Debbie was the closing speaker at the 2017 EmPower Conference, a leadership conference for women in nontraditional careers. She left the audience not only inspired but with a clear call to action and opportunity to connect directly with Debbie in the future. Financial independence can change lives and her presentation was thought provoking and the perfect close to our conference. I highly recommend her as an engaging and inspirational speaker."

Shana Peschek  |  Director, Construction Center of Excellence

"Debbie is a keen supporter of small business and our individual ways of entrepreneurship. If you are feeling stuck over the best ways to move your business forward, I highly recommend consulting with her to discover what she could bring to your business growth!"

Shawn DeNae Wagenseller  |  CEO, Washington Bud Company

"I contracted with Debbie for our Women's Empowerment night at TVCC and she was absolutely amazing in all aspects. She was on time, well prepared and eager to meet the students and community who had attended our event. She gave a powerful, inspiring speech and even stayed to chat with some of the guests after the show. I would recommend Debbie to anyone who needs a fantastic speaker who will go above and beyond!"


Britni Miller  |  Director of Student Life, Treasure Valley College


"Debbie's support in the Accelerator program has been clear, actionable, and packed with love. Her coaching pushed my boundaries and held me accountable. With her support I have taken my business past 6 figures, something I would not have dreamt was possible a few years ago."


Molly Mahoney  |  Owner, The Prepared Performer



"The Achievement Accelerator program with Debbie Page has completely changed the way I think about my business. I no longer feel alone – now I have a small tribe of women who listen, offer support, and give advice. I have the precious opportunity to do the same for them. But most of all, I have a tough-but-gentle angel named Debbie who sits on my shoulder throughout the week, reminding me to push forward and do the work. I highly recommend working with Debbie one-on-one or by joining an Achievement Accelerator group!"


Kristin Heffley  |  Owner, Caffeinated Communications Studio

"Debbie was timely, professional, funny, and engaging. Her 20-minute presentation was packed with extremely useful information that the attendees could immediately implement in their business lives. I was impressed by her not trying to sell anything--rather, she was solely interested in educating and empowering the female entrepreneurs in Reno."


Annie Goni-Stewart  |  Executive Managing Director, eWomenNetwork

"Debbie is an incredible mentor and coach. Having a coach was new to me, and she has been so great and fun to work with! My business exploded within 3 months of working with her and having that accountability and someone in my corner has made a huge difference in my business. If you're looking for a business coach to help you take your business and motivation to the next level, Debbie is the answer!"


Elizabeth Case  |  Owner, Yellow Dog Consulting

"Debbie is influential in women's lives, because of her authenticity and unique ability to connect with them on what really matters."

Sandra Yancey  |  CEO and Founder, eWomenNetwork


"In the year we worked together my business saw a 60% Gross Revenue increase and a 48% Net Revenue increase."


Karen Lynn Maher  |  Owner, Legacy One Authors


"Debbie, I want to thank you SO much for the coaching session and the pep talk you gave me last Spring.  I was so demoralized and so far in debt at that time that I was ready to just close the company’s doors in defeat.  You helped me get focused on the metrics of the business and you showed me how to put those metrics to good use.  That allowed me to zero in on the businesses that offer our best referral partners. Now six months later, I am out of debt and on track to have the best year ever.  Thank you for believing in me and in Moving Forward.  And especially thank you for helping me make the best use of Moving Forward’s marketing efforts."


Katie Munoz  |  President and Owner, Moving Forward, Inc.


"Debbie delivers an inspiring, practical and powerful message on how to run a sustainable, scalable and profitable business.  She is a role model for business women who are ready to take action and create sustained economic independence for themselves. Her uncanny ability to break down the components of the complex aspects of business into strategic steps that move the audience closer to their ultimate dreams is something that can only be described when you see her live and in person."


Anne Garland  |  Executive Managing Director, eWomenNetwork Greater Hartford Region 


"I needed a kick in the pants and someone to make the numbers make sense. Debbie Whitlock did both. She helped me develop a new relationship with money in my business and got me over hurdles I’d struggled with for years. In addition she’s a kick ass gal with great hair and can always motivate a room."


Jen Mueller  |  America's Expert Talker, CEO, Talk Sporty To Me


"Debbie Whitlock is a powerful speaker.  She is relatable, straightforward and communicates her expertise with ease and clarity.  She is a true professional and pleasure to work with. Debbie will dazzle any crowd and has the unique ability to tackle the subject of business and cash flow strategies with warmth and fun!"  


JuliAnn Stitick  |  Managing Director, eWomenNetwork Orange County - Personal Brand and Image Expert


"Debbie's passion is enormous, her commitment to make the world a better place is real, and her heart is full of joy. Debbie is someone I love working with, and I hope you get the chance to work with her, too."


Betsy Talbot  |  Author, Podcaster, and Traveler at Married With Luggage


"Debbie has helped me look at my business from other angles, helped me step outside my box and continue to think of innovative angles and processes to increase my business revenue. In my first 3 months of working with Debbie, my profits increased by 50% over the same period the previous year!"


Gina O'Daniel  |  CEO, O'Daniel Designs


"Debbie's coaching and direction - are absolutely amazing. She holds me accountable to creating systems that help my business run more effectively and professionally."


Tracey Warren  |  Chief Connection Officer, Social Media Superhero at Ready Set Grow CEO


What Audiences Are Saying......


"Whoa, I have never thought about my business this way - you ROCK!"

"I got a lot out of this presentation and I would sign-up to see this presentation again. I would sign-up for any topic that she speaks on. Please bring her back for future trainings."


"I could have listened to this presenter all day long."

"I really liked how she made it open to every type of business - I am a teacher so my business model is different but she brought it down to the base level that everyone could relate to and I appreciated that."

"Please invite her back. Thank you!"




Stuff Worth Shouting About

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