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Word of The Year for Business

Picking a WOTY That Works.

There is something powerful about the clean slate the first of each year brings. While we know we can really start fresh every day, the symbolism of the first of the year always brings renewed energy, resolve and commitment to business.

It no longer matters what didn’t happen or get done. It’s all about what is possible. Plans have been laid, goals set and units of measure established. So, why all the fuss about themes and choosing a word of the year?

Choosing a WOTY will give you:

Focus - It keeps you focused as opportunities come your way by asking if they apply to your theme for the year.

Cohesion In Your Goals - Your WOTY can apply beyond your business and bring varying aspects of your life together.

Another Filter For Success - Looking beyond the data, a WOTY can be an additional way to validate your success.

I was skeptical too. Thought it was a bunch of mumbo jumbo, and like most things I am skeptical of, I thought what do I have to lose by trying out a WOTY? So, in 2014 I picked my first WOTY - Change. Then 2015 was Shine. 2016 was Confidence. 2017 Flourish. 2018 Be Different.

As I look back on each year I can see where the them that selected me - and I do believe this is how it happens - the theme picks you - you just have to listen.

Choosing Your WOTY for 2019

  • Brainstorm words or short phrases that keep coming to you. Give yourself some quiet time and just write down anything that comes to you.

  • Finish these sentences:

  • In my business I want to…

  • In my health I want to…

  • With my family I want to…

  • With my friends I want to…

  • With my money I want to...

  • With my personal/professional development I want to…

  • Look for the themes that wind through the answers you give to the above sentences and identify two or three words that are resonating with you.

  • Look them up in various dictionaries and listen to the meaning behind the word. One will speak quite loudly to you.

My word of the year for 2019 is Know. It had been following me around for awhile at the end of 2018 and had a couple of friends it hung out with, but when I got to the dictionary part of this exercise, I knew what my word of the year had selected me.

Know - To be aware of through observation or inquiry. To be in possession of exclusive knowledge: well informed. To recognize. To have information.

This is the year with Know as my theme I resist the doubt that creeps in and continue to move boldly forward.

What is your word of the year? Share it with and tag me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Once your word has claimed you, post it somewhere you can see it every day, use it as a guidepost and touchstone for the months to come. Here's to your wild success in 2019!

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