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Will You Go For It?

My pop had a way of capturing the most obvious of answers in the least eloquent of ways, he used so few words to impart wisdom; I sure wish he’d left that gift to me.

I believe it is the simplicity of his messages that made them so memorable. It was more than the words he used; it was the tone he used when he delivered the words. They were said with a simple directness that left no doubt that THIS was the thing you should do. Interestingly, he never gave direct advice. His “isms” were broad enough that you had the space to make your own choice, but it was his tone that had you feeling IT was possible. Through the years there were so many messages of support he gave to me that are the most treasured gifts I hold dear to this day. My absolute favorite though? Three words.

Go for it.

We had a bond that started from the moment I landed on the planet and continues even though he is gone.
Me and my Pop 1970

He imparted these on me looong before the folks at Nike had claimed it. As a small business owner, and coach who focuses on cash flow and profitability for women business owners I have found these three words are the antidote to an entrepreneurs greatest challenge; getting ready to get ready.

In the past I’ve been guilty of it myself. You know how the internal dialogue goes, “...if I just do this one thing first, or wait for that to occur…..then I can do it...” Unfortunately these are just excuses that keep you from reaching your full business potential. The next time you hear yourself attempting to justify why you should “wait” to do something, please channel your inner Pop, stop getting ready to get ready and Go For It.

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