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Time Span > Time Spent = $$

It takes money to make money, right?

You’ve probably heard that phrase, and most likely experienced it first-hand as a business owner.

There is some truth to that statement, but there are plenty of times when it takes less money than you think, and a commitment to a more consistent approach than you might be used to.

Earlier this year I was invited by Facebook to participate on a Boost Your Business panel. They asked me to share how I used Facebook and Instagram to grow my business. I was happy to explain to the audience how I welcomed over $30,000 of revenue as a direct result of my actions on Facebook. Did I spend some money and boost some posts? Yep. All of $250.

The ads I paid for helped extend the reach of my posts, but that’s not what led to the significant financial gains. It was the consistency and the complete marketing loop I created that gets the most credit.

I shared my success with the audience, but I also shared the importance of showing up and being consistent. You can’t expect potential clients to get to know you if they don’t see you or have a chance to engage with you. You can’t expect one conversation to lead to new business. You can, however, bank on the benefits of showing up consistently.

As in, a task might seem little or insignificant on its own, but completing that task on a regular basis over a span of days, weeks or years can produce substantial results.

Commit to consistency. Use a calendar to schedule your activities and track your success. For encouragement and tips on how to keep the money you make, join me in the Women's Business Profit Lab on Facebook.

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