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The Last 100 Days of 2018

The countdown is on!

As of tomorrow (September 22nd) there are 100 days remaining in 2018 and that is the perfect amount of time to make it an epic year for your business.

5 things you can do to achieve your biggest goal in your last 100 days of 2018:

  1. Narrow your focus. Identify one thing you want to achieve in your business with the time remaining before December 31. Be specific and make it measurable. You don’t have time for wishy-washy goals.

  2. Break it down. Turn your goal into actionable components. Write out each step. Every single one.

  3. Calendar each step. Now is not the time for another to-do list. Scheduling each step will drive results. Remember, with a short runway you only have to be great and consistent on a few things instead of average at a bunch of things.

  4. Review results. Schedule time on your calendar every Monday to review results from the previous week and plan for the current week. Spend the first 5-10 minutes of each day reviewing the actions you’re taking that day.

  5. Execute and be accountable. Take action. Your daily actions determine your future success. You created the plan. Stick with it and avoid excuses.

In addition to your weekly reviews, consider marking four “milestone” dates on your calendar to chart the big picture progress. Divide the last 100 days into three 30-day increments and use them as check points. The remaining 10 days can used as a final push in achieving or exceeding your goal.

The difference between an epic year and a mediocre year can be defined by the last 100 days.

If that sounds like a reach, you might need to shift your thinking before devising your 100-day plan.


If you’re not seeing the results you expected it’s time to evaluate your consistency and if you’ve developed a complete plan to reach your goals. Schedule a complimentary Taste of Success Discovery Session and let’s determine if coaching with me, is right for you.

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