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Summertime and the Successful Entrepreneur

July 1st marked the start of Q3 if you didn’t block off time to measure your business success and business activity you should, because friend, it’s now August.

As a business coach and cash flow expert, I can tell you your revenue is directly tied to your business activities. I can also predict with certainty the long-term success of an entrepreneur based on the work ethic they show during the summer.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur you can’t take a summer vacation from your business.

I fully support taking a vacation, but taking a summer vacation from your business will lead to cash-flow issues. And here’s the deal, it shows you’re not taking your business goals seriously. As my mentor once said, “You’re not going to achieve the vision you’ve set for your business if you only work when it’s convenient.”

If you’ve succumbed to the summer slowdown, let me offer this gentle reminder: Business opportunities don’t stop, but if your business activities do, you won’t be in position to take advantage of them.

Don’t dial back because you think no one else is working, or isn’t going to notice because it’s the summer. Your business activity might look different during the summer, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be productive.

I recommend using this time to get caught up on your follow up, check in on contacts, send notes of gratitude and attend networking events. You can also use these months to implement a new tool in your business. Be intentional about mastering how to use it, make mistakes, experiment with best practices and be ready to rock ‘n roll when the summer slowdown ends.

4 Ways to Drive Profitability During the Summer

Your company will not be successful if you only do the work when it's convenient. If you’ve put off those reviewing your Q3 statements or haven’t evaluated the effectiveness of your business activities because it seems less fun than going to the lake or sitting by the pool, don’t wait any longer. Schedule time on your calendar (it could even be while you’re sitting outside) to evaluate your business.

If your business revenue goes up and down dramatically, it can always be traced back to an inconsistency. If you’re not measuring activities and results, you’ll always wonder, “Why are my inquiries/sales down?” Conversely, if sales are up wouldn’t you want to know exactly why so you can duplicate your efforts and initiatives?

The tool I’ve shared with you throughout the year can help you track and measure your results, and help you gear up for a big finish to the end of the year. (Here’s the link)

Here’s another way to avoid the summer slowdown, join me every Thursday at 12:15 PST on Facebook Live for my Learn and Earn call. Each week I address a different topic and encourage our group from The Profit Lab to join the conversation. In fact, the summer slowdown ways a topic we talked about earlier this summer.

If you’d like more accountability in your business, help reaching your goals and keeping the money you make perhaps my private Facebook group is for you. Click here to join the group and sign up to get weekly advice.

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