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SMARTER Goals Are Better For Small Business

Setting goals is a critical step in your success as a small business owner. From hitting sales, revenue and profit goals to personal development commitments and everything in between, goal setting identifies an objective and gives you the opportunity to make a road map to get there.

Following the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound) process of goal setting is an effective method that provides the clarity, focus and motivation you need to achieve your goals. It can also improve your ability to reach them by encouraging you to clearly define your objectives and set a completion date. It requires you to go from vague to very specific and know if you are getting there.

You can take make your goals SMARTER by adding two more steps:



Execution is the part of the process where you have your goal broken down into the actionable steps to take - goal setting even the SMART way isn’t a set it and forget it process. Execution creates the momentum to propel you along.

Review is the scheduled time(s) along the way to the goal that you stop and see how you are actually doing. This will allow you to course correct and adjust to make sure you achieve the goal you have set for yourself.

Use an accountability partner, mastermind group or hire a business coach to ensure the execution of necessary steps is occurring. Review your progress with those same people on your team on a scheduled basis so you can make any course corrections, and adjustments you need.

Setting the goal isn’t hard, achieving it can be challenging working SMARTER makes all the difference.

Is one of your goals investing in business coaching for the New Year? As a woman business owner, if you are ready for increased revenue, profit and streamlined systems and processes to grow in the months ahead, let's schedule a time for a complimentary Taste of Success video call to learn more about one another.

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