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Money On The Brain

You started your business to make money. You established goals and diligently execute your business development and marketing strategy. The mechanisms are in place to make money, and yet the dollars aren’t there.

It’s challenging when you reconcile your business activities to the results and see that your activities are spot on, but the money is not. Sometimes the problem relates back to cash flow (the total amount of money flowing into and out of your business at specific times) but many times it’s a mindset problem.

The subtle stories you tell yourself about your worth create the biggest challenges in your business. If you question the value you provide in relation to what you charge for your services others will too. You deserve to be well compensated for the great work you do. When you refocus your money mindset you won’t be able to stop the flood of cash rolling into your business.

Here are three daily practices to put in place to strengthen your money mindset:

Create a money mantra

As best-selling author Jen Sincero says, “Even though we use money every single day of our lives, we rarely stop to consider how we feel about it, speak about it or what we truly believe.”

10 Mental Tricks That Will Make You A Badass At Making Money

One way to stay conscious of how you’re approaching money and speaking about money is to create a money mantra. I have one that I say every morning. Yes, left brain linear, spreadsheet lovin’ analytical, warm hearted, loving me has a money mantra. I write it out every morning and say it out loud before I start my day.

You can do the same thing. Create your money mantra today and change the conversation you have with your money.

Ask for what you desire, not what you think you deserve

How many times have you pitched your services and cut your fee, only to hear from the prospect, “That’s all? I thought it would be much more.” Insert sad trombone sound. You do your best work when you are well compensated. Stop discounting yourself and taking less than what you desire and deserve.

Practice Gratitude

Research is proving that an attitude of gratitude will change your life. Focusing on what you’re grateful for opens opportunities for more wonder to enter your life. When you focus on the things that aren’t right, like the lack of money in your bank account or challenging clients who don’t value your services, you will attract more of the same.

The things you focus on are the things you will get more of.

Focus on what’s good and great in your life - the things, opportunities and clients you desire will see the green light to come straight to you.

It takes discipline to be a profitable and successful business owner. Hone your mental approach with the same discipline you used to develop your business strategies. Apply these daily practices to your business and personal life along with intentional action and execution and you will see results.

I’d love to hear your money mantra. Share it with me in an email and I’ll share mine. You can also connect with me on Facebook, where I share more awesomeness for you to grow your business.

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