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It is about the money. Stop saying it is not.

Dear entrepreneurial lady friends, know how proud I am of you and your work in the world. You have launched your companies because of a deep desire to make a difference and solve a problem you have identified.

You work hard. Really hard.

I know, I see you at the events, I read your social media posts. I see you and know you work hard. Harder than you ever did when you were employed by someone else.

You do it with a smile on your face and an occasional grimace of frustration or a breathless gasp of fear. And it is all perfectly, wonderfully okay.

What is not okay, is when you describe some initiative or endeavor in your company, and as you describe this brilliant work you are bringing to the world you say, “but it’s not about the money.”

Dear entrepreneurial lady friends, if running your business is not about the money then why are you doing it?

To change the world? Wonderful. Recognize you can have a more significant impact if you have greater financial resources.

If when you say, “it’s not about the money” you mean to convey you don’t aspire to drive the Bentley or the Benz or have homes here and abroad - that’s fine. If you want to give all your profits to charity and embrace philanthropy, fantastic. If you want to take your profits and share experiences with your family on eco-adventure or social conscious vacations, perfect.

But, stop saying it is not about the money, because it is.

Dear entrepreneurial lady friends, your business should be about the money.

Money gives you choices, far more choices than when you have none.

Money isn’t bad. Money is the tool you can use to wield your influence in the world.

Make every decision in your business about the money. Those decisions, if done correctly with counsel and support allow you greater influence within the communities you serve.

If you want to make more money in your business, then it is time for us to talk.

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