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5 Ways to Increase Your Business’s Online Presence

Increasing your online presence is crucial to your business' success. According to the statistics presented by Internet World Stats, there were 4.15 billion active Internet users in 2017, making online marketing an absolute necessity to reach consumers.

If you want to increase your business' online presence, consider following these tips.

Be Present in Popular Social Media Sites The most recognizable brands in the world are on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook continues to be the most popular platform, and the foundation for most companies’ social media presence. It allows brands to release news about their products to a wide audience, while also encouraging customer engagement through the latest online advertising. Facebook Carousel and Facebook Canvas adverts are specifically designed for the social media platform, and allow brands to create interactive ads in order to target specific markets related to their products/services. Creating a strong brand identity is key to succeeding on social media. Well+Good is one of the small businesses out there that became successful by maintaining a strong company culture that translated to their online media. Well+Good co-founder Alexa Brue told The Balance: “Uniting everyone around why we do what we do is the most important thing. I think that people want to make a difference, and so all of us feeling like we're putting out information that's making a difference and that our company conducts itself in a way that is demonstrative of our core values is really important. That sets a lot of cultural tone." Evolving with the times is crucial to the survival of all businesses. Use Data Analytics If you're working really hard every day to improve the sales of your small business, but aren't seeing an increase in engagement with your customers online, you may be targeting the wrong market. In this case, you need business data analytics in order to see which age groups are responding best to your online engagements. Maryville University delved into a study that found the annual data created worldwide will jump to 180 trillion gigabytes by 2025. This shows that companies all over the world acknowledge the importance of data analytics in examining consumer trends. By learning how consumers think, businesses will be able to adjust their strategies in selling their products and services. Use Responsive Design A study on Statista showed that 49.7 percent of webpage views across the globe were done through mobile devices. Sites that are not mobile-friendly aren’t user friendly and will receive high bounce rates, and this often leads to loss in sales and other potential customers. Consumers tend to remember which sites have bad mobile interfaces are for the most won’t return unless they have to. So it’s essential that all websites are created for both PC and mobile use. Write Good Content Content is king. Make sure that the content you’re posting on your website is relevant, timely, and not time consuming to read especially if you’re targeting mobile users. In a graph presented by the Nielsen Group, it was revealed that the average time a consumer spends on a webpage is 10 seconds. If the content doesn't engage the reader within that short window, they have a high chance of losing a potential customer. It is really important for businesses to write the content precisely and attractively. LifeWire has some tips on how to write good content for web writing. Before writing anything on your website or social media pages, consider these questions: can your target market relate to it? Can it spark interest that will make your visitors return? Does your content consider your KPIs and drive sales? KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a measurable value that demonstrates how a company is achieving key business objectives. You can't manage what you can't measure, which makes KPIs invaluable. Learn more about KPIs by reading this Chron article. Connect with Influencers One way for small businesses to get noticed immediately and grow their online presence is to work with popular bloggers or vloggers (people who create content on web streaming sites like YouTube) to bring in new customers. This is a public-relations move that allows businesses to create product or service awareness without having to pay the expensive fees associated with TV and movie personalities.

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