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Busy Work Doesn’t Impress Your Bank Account

I can do that.

I don’t mind.

It’s no trouble at all.

You’ve said these things before. I have too, and in the moment, I was telling the truth. It’s later when I realize what I didn’t mind doing or didn’t think was any trouble not only filled my schedule but depleted my bank account.

Every time you agree to do something outside of your billable hours you are costing yourself money.

Money knows how it gets made. Busy work doesn’t impress your bank account. Billable hours do.

Not only does busy work not feed your bank account, busy rarely repays you for your true genius. If anyone could do the task, then someone else should be doing it.

Don’t waste your talents or your time. It’s the foundation of your business, after all, and it’s how you make money.

This doesn’t mean you can’t volunteer at your child’s school or do something nice for a friend. It does mean you have clear boundaries about when you say “yes” to something outside your core genius. Protect your time and your schedule so you can build your business and your bank account.

These concepts are found in Jack Canfield’s book The Success Principles and will be one of the areas I focus on in the 6 Days to Ultimate Success Challenge starting December 3.

The six-day challenge is based on how I’ve used The Success Principles to create more abundance and more business (more revenue and more profit….and how I show clients how to do the same).

Here’s the link to sign up and join me and a community of female business owners who want the same thing in 2019.


Space is EXTREMELY limited now - if you want in, you should not delay, register today.

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