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Cash Flow Isn't Your Problem

As a business owner cash flow is queen! She is the honey to your peanut butter, the ants on your log, the sprinkles on your cupcake, and the key to your business success.

But answer me this, as you run your business do you ever feel like there is more month than money? You know what I mean, bank balance is below the minimum. It’s only the 20th and you have no outstanding invoices and no customers or clients in sight.

Or, do you feel like running your business is like being on the CRAZIEST rollercoaster ride EVAH?

And not one of the cool new ones that are electronic and smooth, but the old fashioned wooden one that chug, chug, chugs its way to the top (that’s you working HARD in your business, chug, chug, chug) and when it reaches the peak, it begins down the other side slowly at first and soon is hurling seemingly out of control straight DOWN careening around one bend and another (that’s you when new clients come in and you are desperately trying to deliver and meet expectation and feel wildly out of control, not eating regularly, sleeping is awful and balls are being dropped personally and professionally), and you are desperately trying to get your invoices out, forgetting who you invoiced, who is late and you don’t want to call the clients that are late because you don’t want to feel like the bill collector…...but they owe you the money honey!

I get it. I see it all the time. I get emails and phone calls every month from smart savvy business owners like you who say, “I have a cash flow problem and I need your help.”

Want to know a secret? Cash flow isn’t their problem. It’s not yours either.

It’s the symptom of the problem.

The problem is one of 3 areas:

Marketing Problem - inconsistencies and trying a little bit of everything and not documenting and measuring effort and results.

Sales Problem - not following up on conversations and buying signals, not having a system to track interested customers, not asking for the business, not offering additional ways people can cheerfully spend money with you.

Systems - constantly reinventing the wheel. Little or nothing is documented and there is little or no electronic or paper organization. Time is money. A system is something that always works.

Under each problem there are dozens of strategies to implement for your specific industry and business.

Start by identifying what is likely your biggest problem of the three and identify 5 things you can do to improve in that area.

Do those 5 things every single day.

Every Single Day

Not once and then give up because you don't see the result you want, every single day.

Remember what got you where you are in your business won’t get you where you want to go. Doing nothing is not an option if you want financial and professional success.

Tired of trying to figure out your 5 things or what the real problem is in your business? Join my FREE Facebook Group, The Women’s Business Profit Lab today.

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