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Truth Telling From The Trenches With Financial Advisor Karen Koenig

I enjoy helping people achieve their goals and I want to understand what is important to you. Using an established process, I build personalized financial strategies to help achieve those goals. Together, we will partner throughout your life to help you keep on track. I received my undergraduate degree from Concordia University in Seward, NE, an MBA in project management from Jones International University, and an MBA in supply chain leadership from Indiana University Kelley School of Business/North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC. I hold my life, accident and health insurance agent license, FINRA 7 and 66 registrations. Outside of the office, I am currently involved with the Non-Commissioned Officer Academy Graduate Association (NCOAGA) as their newsletter editor, and I am the president of the Snohomish County Music Project. I have two lovely children and a new grandson that keep me busy. My hobbies and interests include sewing, biking and enjoying the outdoors. I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations, such as music therapy and veteran service organizations.

Where is your business located?

Mukilteo, WA

Where did the idea for your business come from?

I didn't design it...I joined an established and reputable company as a Financial Advisor.

But, I am allowed to run it as my own as long as I am legal, ethical and moral in my transactions.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I meditate for about 5 minutes and during that time I chant my mantra of my monthly goal and my yearly goal (in my head).

What does your work day look like and how do you maximize your productivity?

I time block my calendar so I know exactly what I am doing every day and at what time.

Everything to include vendor calls, appointments, phone calls, networking, and I even block out my lunch.

How do you bring your great business ideas to the world to serve your clients?

I do in person seminars, webinars, social media, mailings and email.

What is one trend in business that excites you?

I love to watch the market - it fascinates me how politics, government and corporations affect it both positively and negatively.

What is one strategy that helped you grow your business?

I chose to network versus the standard 'door knocking' that Edward Jones provides as a strategy to meet new people. I feel the relationship goes much further in building trust.

What is one failure you had as an entrepreneur, and how did you overcome it?

Having unrealistic expectations for this industry. It takes 3-5 years to build ANY business to include financial advising.

What is one business idea you’re willing to give away to this community?

Have a method for how you connect with people after you meet them at a networking event. I schedule what I call a "Discovery Call" with everyone who gives me a business card. I have a set questions I ask, to drive the conversation, to find out more about their business and see if we are good referral partners.

What is the best $100 you have recently spent? on What? Why?

It wasn't quite $100 but I love to get my nails and toes done's my vice and it is the best 2.5 hours of relaxation I do! It's my self-care.

What is one piece of software or app that helps you be productive? How do you use it?

The CRM that I use at Edward Jones. It tracks everything I do. Production, training, social media, the market, email, personnel information, benefits, and my calendar.

What is the best business book you have read? Why?

The book is about perspectives-shedding old and building new and also about the need for honest and accurate information-both how to give it and receive it.

What is your favorite quote?

"Thoughts become things, so pick the good ones" - Mike Dooley

Who inspires you in business and why?

Successful women business owners. I think they can teach us a lesson on how to do it, how not to do it and how to not apologize for the success you receive doing it.

What are your thoughts on work-life balance?

I love to work hard because I know I like to play hard as well! You get what you put into your business and you should be rewarded for the efforts you put forth!

What are the 3 business lessons you’ve learned so far?

1. Ask for help.

2. Do what you're best at and delegate what you're not good at or don't have time for.

3. Block your schedule (to include lunch)!

What is your workspace like?

It is a collaborative-I could not be successful if my business partner wasn't also successful at what she does. It also honest and open-we communicated so there isn't any question as to what is expected and what needs to be done.

Last thing you do at the end of your work day?

Thank my partner for another successful day and check my schedule for the next day.

What is the one thing you can't leave home without?

Purse-it has all the things I need for the day!

What superpower would you love to have to use for good?

I would love to be able to freeze time and go back to a previous point and redo something I regret and make it positive.

Number of unread emails right now?


Anything else you want to add?

I love what I do! I am having so much fun being my own boss, setting my own schedule and meeting so many additional successfully, fabulous, people that I wouldn't have met, had I not changed industries.

How can other entrepreneurs connect with you?


If you are reading this and are interested in being featured in the Truth Telling from the Trenches series - apply here.

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