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Don't Edit Out Success

The first draft of anything is rarely the final version.

Presentations are tweaked, papers get rewritten and books are edited to reach the finished product.

The same should be true for the stories you tell yourself. The first draft is not the final version.

The story you tell yourself about not being smart enough or experienced enough to be a successful entrepreneur isn’t the whole story. It’s not even the real story. But if it’s the story you tell yourself you’re stuck in first draft stage. Without tweaks, revisions and updates the story never changes and the results never come.

Change the story and you’ll change your results.

Spend time identifying limiting beliefs and old stories that aren’t serving you anymore. Then re-write the story.

You have the ability to choose your own ending, overcome any limiting beliefs and tell a story that highlights the talents and abilities that make you successful.

If you are stuck and can’t rewrite the story on your own, leverage support from your inner circle. Ask for honesty and accountability. You don’t have to know how the story ends, but you should be able to tell a story that doesn’t edit out your success.

Speaking of success, I’m tackling that topic in a six-day challenge starting December 3rd.

Each year I review Jack Canfield’s book The Success Principles as I set goals and outline my strategic vision for the upcoming year. The 6 Days to Ultimate Business Success Challenge is based on my experience as a business coach and business owner and designed with you the female entrepreneur in mind.

Keeping more of the money you make in 2019 takes planning now. Join me beginning December 3rd and get a jump start on your goals.


Learn more and sign up for the FREE challenge here.

Space is extremely limited.

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