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Are You 100% Committed to Making More Money?

Think back to middle school when getting a perfect score on a test or quiz meant a “100%” scrolled in red ink across the top of the page. As a kid scoring 100% provided satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

As a business owner 100% can help you keep more of the money you make and prevent you from negotiating against yourself.

Think about it. How many times have you promised yourself something and then made exceptions because your commitment was less than 100%?

For example:

  • You set a goal of attending two networking events a month, but your schedule feels overwhelming and you decide it’s more important to get work done at your office because you don’t need new business anyway.

  • After careful consideration you’ve decided to raise your rates for the coming year, but when a potential client asks if you have any wiggle room, you concede and reduce your price.

  • You’ve blocked off every Saturday as a non-work day, but you feel guilty knowing how many things are on your to-do list and work anyway.

Walking back your promises costs you money as a business owner. The missed networking event could have cost you a client. Reducing your price kept money out of your bank account and not honoring time for yourself means you’re not getting time to rest so you can keep being your brilliant self.

Your best intentions can’t compete with a 100% commitment that includes no-exceptions policies.

That means your price is your price. The networking events stay on your calendar and Saturday is a day off. No exceptions. No wiggle-room. No breaking promises.

Anything less than a no-exceptions 100% commitment opens the door to negotiate against yourself and against your best interests.

If you know you've been breaking promises to yourself. And are tired of losing money year over year in business and are seeking accountability and encouragement to make this happen in 2019 then join the 6 Days to Ultimate Business Success Challenge starting December 3rd. It’s a 6-day challenge to help you set goals for 2019 and find accountability with a likeminded group of female entrepreneurs.

There are less than 10 seats left, register now if one is meant for you.

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