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Attracting The Wrong Clients? Stop Talking About How You Can’t Stand People Who……

In my yoot (not a spelling error, it's a movie reference from one of my favorite films, My Cousin Vinnie) I could tell you at least one hundred and one things I did not want, or like. But if pressed found it difficult to speak clearly about what I desired in my life and business.

It’s all you can think about, and then it’s all you get? How you don’t want to be late, and then you are. How you don’t want to be late on that bill, and then you are. How you don’t want to forget to pick up the drycleaning, and then you do. How you don’t want to hit another red light, and then you do. How you don’t want to date another guy like…...and guess who walks in the door. How you don’t want another client like “that” and guess who shows up?

To attract the perfect clients you want to serve, you must be clear about who you want to serve and why. Who is the PERFECT and ideal client. Sure, making a list of what you don’t want is ok, after that you are done thinking about it.

Use that list as a way to get clear on who you do want to attract and then….burn the dang list and let the negativity go.

If you have all those negative thoughts rolling around in your head about what you don’t want it really doesn’t matter what you do in terms of actions. It’s like Jack Canfield says in his book The Success Principles, those negative thoughts are the emergency brake in your car. If you are focusing on that, you are simply resisting what is really readily available. It’s as if you are driving your car down the freeway with the emergency brake on. You wouldn’t do that. You take it off so all the resistance would be gone and you’d get where you are going more efficiently and without the smell of stinky hot brakes.

It’s really that simple. And yet, the things that are easy to do in business are just as easy not to do.

How is holding on to the negative feeling serving your business? It is not.

Pay attention this week on how you speak about people and things. Notice how much you talk about what you don’t want. Find a conversation buddy who will support you and pay attention to your words and point out to you what you are doing.

It’s as my friend’s grandmother says, “the camel can’t see its hump.”

You likely don’t know how much you are doing it.

A few years ago a dear friend and woman I look up to in business was telling me all the great things she wanted to manifest in her life and business. I noticed thought that every time she would talk about what she wanted she would shake her head no, slowly left to right.

I asked if I could share something I’d noticed the last few times we met and she said yes. When I told her what I observed, her eyes got wide and she was stunned.

Fast forward to present day and this dear friend is a transformed business woman, breaking records in her business and serving at the HIGHEST levels for her clients. When she stopped shaking her head no as she stated what she wanted she released the brakes.

You can too.

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