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Stop Using “” If You Want To Be Taken Seriously In Business

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know I’m a pretty upbeat person. Even when pointing out things that are gross, or icky in business I always look for the positive in the challenge. Do you do that too?

Here’s the one thing I can no longer sit silently by and witness.

If you want to make money, be taken seriously in your business and rise to the level of success you say you are seeking; for the love of all that is sacred STOP using as your business email address!

Same goes for Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and ANY other similar service.

If you are going to be taken seriously in business then your business email should be


At a recent networking event, a woman introduced herself and offered up how she was ready to go BIG with her business. As I listened to her talk and looked at her card I knew that was not going to happen.

Her business email was

When I asked if she was open to some feedback (great opener by the way) she eagerly said yes. I shared that as a business coach I’d offer that she needs to put a priority on getting her email set up with her business name asap if she is really pursuing the going BIG angle she had mentioned.

Her reply to me? “Yeah, I know, it’s just hard and I don’t know how to do it.”

I asked if she thought that people weren’t taking her as seriously as she wanted and she was gobsmacked by that question.

As a business coach for women in business, I’m here to tell you there is a negative bias that occurs when your email is anything less than your

Every web hosting service has an opportunity to add email. DO it. Then you can either check your email inside their webmail system, or you can forward to gmail or Outlook or other provider.

If you’re like my networking connection and think it’s hard. Hire someone to do it for you. It will take them less than 30 minutes for what will likely take you an hour or more, freeing you up to do your BEST work in the world.

What’s that? Oh, you can’t afford to hire someone. I call bologna!

What money has been lost because your connections aren’t taking you as a serious business woman?

Everything in your business counts. Sometimes it is a little thing like that this that impacts your results.

Tired of feeling like you’ve got to figure out your business on your own? Join my FREE Facebook group the Women’s Business Profit Lab.

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