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Plan Your Projects Early

Think you can get a great service provider to work with you in a week? Think again.

As our economy has continued to grow, great service based businesses are near or in many cases at capacity with waiting lists. Myself included.

In recent conversations with family, colleagues and clients, the theme of waiting lists or long wait times for initial appointments continue to trend.

From the specialist my mom needs to see who is booked out 2 months, to the colleague who wanted a website quote and was informed that the start date would be late September, to the client who inquired with a conversion copywriter who can get the details handled now and would be able to begin in early September, to the home remodeler who would be able to begin a new project 3 months from now, the trend is consistent. Good service providers are booked and if you want to work with them before year end, you need to start planning now and anticipate 30-60 days before your project kicks off.

Gone are the days where you could look at your initiatives for the year and land on the one that you were ready to tackle, assemble your team and be off and running in a week. For many entrepreneurs this shift in the market is going to be a hard one to handle because you are going to need to be more organized, more thoughtful and be ready to lay out the cash to secure your place in line.

You may find people available to do the work, though they may not be your first choice. Why settle when a little prepared planning could go a long way to getting the outcome you want done right the first time?

If you know you have projects; new website, logo refresh or rebrand, copywriting, remodeling, updating or upgrading sit down today and prioritize and begin assembling your team and timelines. Be prepared to put down deposits and put time on your calendar to get done what YOU need to deliver in order to make things a success.

What project do you need to line up now for a successful completion before year end?


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