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Consistency and Cash Flow

“When your business is near capacity that does not give you permission to stop the activities that created this brilliant financial windfall for you.”

Debbie Page, Cash Flow Expert

You’ve got the talent and the skills to run a successful business, but do you have the consistency? It’s easy to agree consistency is important, but it’s harder to follow through when you’re suddenly so busy making money there’s little time for anything else.

What Got You Busy will Keep You Busy

Here’s the dealio: what got you busy will keep you busy. You cannot step away from doing the things that brought you money in the first place without experiencing a step back in your business.

When you are at, or nearing, capacity in your business, shift the focus of your marketing messages or business activities while maintaining your commitment to consistency.

You will need to attract new clients in the future. Keep the lines of communication open.

Let them see who you are. Showcase the brilliance you have in your space. Be consistent in showing up and the money will follow suit.

If you’re struggling to maintain consistency in your business, here are three things you should calendar every month.

You can also join my private Facebook group, The Women’s Business Profit Lab for accountability and conversation with other entrepreneurs who have been through similar challenges.

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