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You are missing activity in your Facebook Group

Facebook groups have become a brilliant way to create community amongst tribes of like minded people. It is highly probable that you are one of the one hundred million + Facebook users who are a member of a group. You can find groups that share ideas and best practices on everything from vegetarianism to support for small business and improved cash flow (that’s what my group's about - you should come join the conversation).

Whether you are the administrator of one of these groups or a member, you may be missing important updates and conversations that are happening.

How do I know? Last week I had one of these messages (see image below) pop up about my group the Women's Business Profit Lab.

Thanks for wanting to reduce my clutter fine folks at Facebook, however given I am the administrator, I don’t want to the most relevant Highlights - I’d like them all thank you very much.

If you are an administrator of a group, you need to check your settings to make sure you are not missing important conversations that are happening.

If you are a member of a group you really have been enjoying, but are not getting updates as you once did, you should adjust your settings. Here’s what to do:

  • From your desktop, go to the left side of your Facebook feed and scroll down and click on Groups - you will likely see many pending invites - you can come back and sort these out later.

  • Scroll down to your groups

  • Click on the gear icon to the right of the group you are looking for

  • Select edit notification settings

  • Where it says, Notify me about: select the drop down menu and choose your preference from all posts, highlights, friends posts, or off

It is a very noisy world we live in and you have a right to filter what you receive. If you are actively participating in a group and appreciate the connections, conversation and content then choose all posts.

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