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What will you complete?

There are some business owners have many tasks incomplete - lotsa things started, not so many done.

Some business owners have finished things related to growing their business.

Few actually complete things necessary to significantly grow their business.

Confused? Or do you get what I'm saying?

Let's use last night at the Olympics to see the distinction.

USA Snowboarder Chloe Kim, a girl who grew up in the USA, born of South Korean parents was long touted as THE USA's best chance at gold in the women's halfpipe. Her goal, to be the Olympic Gold Medalist.

Making it to the Olympics is a HUGE accomplishment, if she doesn't take home a medal and in particular the gold, her journey would arguably be incomplete.

In the final round on her first ride (you get two in the final round) she earns a score of 93.75 out of a possible 100 and places herself squarely in the lead. Other competitors give good rides, but don't beat her score.

When her turn comes for her second ride she knows that she is the gold medalist. At this point she has finished what she started - she has won the Olympic Gold Medal. She could have popped her boots in the bindings, ratcheted herself in, pointed the nose of her board downhill and cruised through the halfpipe, received a score of 0 and still been the Gold Medalist. She would have finished.

Instead Chloe Kim, maybe because she's a teen and fearless, maybe because she has the heart of a lion, and maybe because Chloe Kim is not the kind of young woman who is satisfied with finishing, ratchets in and takes off into the halfpipe with grit, determination and gusto. Pushing her performance, her skill and effort to the limit. And completes her performance in the halfpipe and earns a final score of 98.25.

She already had the Gold Medal. She knew it. And still she chose to make her moment a complete moment.

I imagine there in her heart was the whisper that said, "What if this is the ride of perfection? Wouldn't you always wonder? Let's go for it, let's complete what we started."

As your business coach I challenge you as you go through your week and ask yourself, what is incomplete? What has been finished? What will you complete?

Tell me at The Women's Business Profit Lab where I show you how to keep more of the money you make.

Listen to the whispers in your heart about your business. What would your company be like if you treated every opportunity like an opportunity to achieve Olympic Gold?

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