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What got you busy will keep you busy.

Want to know the secret to your business success?


You thought it was something complicated didn’t you? That’s where so many business owners make mistakes. Trying to complicate what doesn’t need to be complicated and in doing so, miss the real opportunities and money right in front of them.

My clients and tribe know one of my “Debbieisms” is “What got you busy will keep you busy.” It’s not just a clever quote or a good meme. It’s a business fact.

Everyday I hear angst filled entrepreneurs talking about how things are SO crazy with their business and how because they are so busy with clients and projects, and and and...they can’t possibly keep up on their blogs, networking, touch point plans, meaningful meetings, etc.

Then a few weeks later these same entrepreneurs are filled a new level of angst, bordering on panic because they now have NO one in their pipeline, sales are starting to slip and they don’t understand what happened.

Here’s what happened, they stopped doing the thing that got them the money in the first place.

Here’s the dealio. When you are blessed and fortunate and your business is near capacity that does not give you permission to stop the activities that created this brilliant financial windfall for you. While you may not be doing your marketing as frequently, you still need to be showing up consistently.

Consistently does not mean “ohhhh fuuudge, I am running out of clients, so out I go.” It means thoughtfully scheduling the activities that still support your marketing.

Have you found yourself on the cash flow roller coaster this year? Here are 3 things you can do consistently to get ya busy and keep ya busy:

  1. Have a clear marketing plan. If yours sounds like, “I’ve tried a little bit of this and that,” you do not have a marketing plan. Document for the next 90 days the 5 things you will do consistently to build awareness about you, your brand and your services.

  2. Measure your actions and results. Make a spreadsheet for 90 days and track, what you’ve been doing for marketing and the results. Do this E V E R Y week.

  3. Schedule your marketing activities on your calendar. Include everything you are committing to and assign it a time on your calendar. Networking is easy, set date and time. Why can’t you do that with your other activities. You should have on your calendar as an appointment things like “research hot topic for next week’s blog,” another appointment that says, “write blog,” another appointment that says, “write social media posts for 2 weeks,” another that says, “schedule social media posts.” I think you get the idea.

If you are not sure what you could be doing for marketing or how to schedule these tasks, go download the free marketing calendar tool from my client and colleague Elizabeth Case of Yellow Dog Consulting. You’ll be glad you did.

Get off the crazy cash flow roller coaster you’ve created by consistently making progress each week on marketing initiatives that will grow your business.

Want to connect with like minded women in business? Come join cash flow conversations in The Women’s Business Profit Lab - where I show you how to keep more of the money you make.

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