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Featured Entrepreneur on Idea Mensch

IdeaMensch is a community of and for people with ideas. Their purpose is to inspire action through the curation of daily interviews, content, and community. Real entrepreneurs provide all of the content through daily interviews. They have conducted 2461 and counting interviews with people ranging from Daniel Pink, Seth Godin, Nancy Brinker and Gary Vaynerchuk all the way to the world’s coolest pig farmer and now ME! .

Read my interview here!

Their goal is not to create the knowledge but to share it.

They believe that:

  • Bringing ideas to life is good for humanity.

  • The best ideas can come from anywhere.

  • Win/win/win situations make the world go round.

  • Entrepreneurial sustainability beats short-term profits.

  • Shipping an idea is more important than perfecting it.

IdeaMensch was founded by Mario Schulzke, a German exchange student turned ad man turned ruckus maker in higher education.

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