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Figure Out Your Follow Up | Guest Post

Your Fortune Is In The Follow Up

There are THOUSANDS of dollars I don’t spend each year because no one followed up with me. I don’t understand it. We met, I thought you liked me, I gave you my card, said I need your services, and then nothing. My contact information is right on my card, I know it’s not me…

So I hire someone else who’s more expensive and not as qualified. This is what you get for not following up.

Over the past year I’ve started to learn more about WHY people don’t follow up. I really thought it was because you’re unorganized and don’t like money (I might judge people quicker than I should). I’m glad I did some research, it turns out 48% of people never follow up with a prospect. So it’s not just you. And, it’s not just me not getting followed up with.

What I discovered is that that stack of business cards (aka sales leads) kind of freaks people out. What do I say? When do I say it? How many times should I follow up before I give up? What if they say no?

This is not last call at the bar folks, this is your business. If someone gave you their card and said they need your product or service, you need to follow up! Call or email within ONE business day. Yes, one. Don’t give them time to forget you (I mean, you’re super memorable but I get easily distracted by shiny objects and any show on FX). And if you haven’t heard from them within 4-5 days, try again.

People often use their inbox as a to do list, so as the week goes on your email that they meant to respond to just gets pushed DOWN. Get your name back to the top of their inbox. I don’t like to call, but just last week I put on my big girl panties and picked up the phone to call a prospect, and then 48 hours later the contract was in their inbox. See, it really CAN be that easy!

I love to follow up, and I love to receive follow up. I love it SO MUCH I created Kick Ass Follow Up Templates just for people who don’t love follow up as much as I do. You’re so lucky to have me. You’ll get a schedule you can download and start using right away, plus 4 templates so you know EXACTLY what to say in different scenarios.

You’re even luckier to know Debbie and to be reading this blog post, because we’re giving you 50% off the templates when you use the code MONEY. Yes, money, that thing you get when you follow up and they hire you!


Elizabeth Case is Principal at Yellow Dog Consulting. She works with soloprenuers who love what they do but the sales and marketing part of their job sucks their will to live. Elizabeth lives with her husband and the world’s greatest Yellow Dog, Norm in the kick ass town of Hillsboro, OR.

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