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What Is Consistency Worth To Your Business

"You should blog, you should post to your social channels you should send a newsletter, you should schedule time to follow up with new connections." That’s a lot of shoulds to shovel through, don't you think?

As a business coach for women I find most women business owners don’t do their shoulds because they don’t have sustainable, duplicatable and repeatable systems and processes through which they operate their enterprise.

I’m talking about the kinds of systems that apply whether you are a solopreneur, online infopreneur, teacher, coach, therapist, healer, retail store owner, attorney or farmer.

In my coaching practice I know that to keep as MUCH money as possible from what we make, we have to plug the leaky holes in the boat. Leaky holes include nonexistent or ineffective systems.

As a coach there is NOTHING I ask my clients to do that I have not done/or do myself.

The challenge with consistency is the indirect correlation to immediacy.

We have become a one-click culture, in our business and in our personal lives. I can have nearly anything I want delivered to my home in less than two hours. We get annoyed when the YouTube video buffers and we can’t see it all at once and have to wait, or if the guy in front of us in traffic doesn’t floor it off the line as the light turns green. We want a quick fix and even faster results.

Business in jeopardy? What can someone else do to fix it before the end of the month? Bank account on E what can you buy (yes intentional irony) to make you money ASAP?

The only solution for business success and growth is consistency.

As business women we must create systems and processes that will sustain the growth of our healthy businesses. When women make and have money - we change the world.

Interested in knowing what happens when you are consistent? Read on:

When I look at ways to put thought leadership out into the world, I immediately think of blogging as it has low barriers to entry. You don’t need extra gear, just you, your computer, some thoughts and a place to share them.

The pile of blog ideas on my desk today.

I’ve been blogging multiple times each month for some time now. Some of my posts are riffed off, real time, and posted - divine inspiration if you will. Some are notes of topics based on conversations with clients on a spreadsheet on my computer, some accumulate on scraps of paper that sit on my desk for a week at a time as they wait to jump into the queue. Creativity and inspiration is best in real time.

There is fresh content on my blog at least two times/month. I post it to my website. I am confident most people don’t just think, “Hey I wonder what Debbie is writing about” and head to my website. So, I take responsibility to share it across my social channels - sometimes multiple times - using scheduling tools. And find ways to repurpose the content.

I make sure there is some extra google juice, so it shows up when someone searches business coach for women or cash flow business coach.

Few people comment, few people share. Some people send me a message thanking me, some people I see at events comment how they appreciate my thoughts and information. I certainly can't physically be EVERYWHERE my ideal client is, however, I CAN make sure my ideas live in ALL the places my ideal clients are searching for answers and solutions to their greatest business challenges. Stop and ask yourself how significant of an information footprint are you leaving for your perfect clients to find you.

I don’t do it to be validated. I do it to share my expertise so that it might benefit someone else. We can’t keep all our best gifts to ourself. How do we change the world if we do?

Consistent blogging has kept me on the first page of google - organically with my posts - with some of the biggest names in the coaching industry.

Consistent blogging gets me organic inquiries for coaching. Consistent blogging gets me new clients. Consistent blogging makes me money in my business. Every. Single. Month.

I can also add consistent newsletter. Consistent at building relationships.

It is all strategy to grow my business, with heart and generosity. It should be part of your strategy to grow your business too.

What is consistency worth? It’s priceless.

Do you struggle with consistency? Is it the accountability? Is it that you lack systems? Then let’s talk about coaching with me. There is nothing I’ll ask you to do that I haven’t done myself to create a healthy, cash flow positive coaching business. The same can be true for you.

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