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Get The Funk Out | Business and life thoughts with some practical woo.

Recently clients and friends have been going through some BIG S T U F F. Big, really big. All stuff they will get through, but boy oh boy have they been on a ride.

I have fielded texts and emails from these wonderful women all looking for an anchor. Some way to stop the spin.

I am a left brain logical with a dash of right brain random and relational. When my left and right brain meet for a meeting of their respective minds - it allows me to make logical application to the random.

As a business coach I spend my days talking strategy, systems, processes, cash flow, pricing and profitability. In my spare time I pay attention to higher consciousness, positive psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics. I journal, I pay attention to my chakras, I light candles for people, places and intentions. I attend church, read daily devotions and consider thoughts from other religious leaders.

For me, it’s become my own recipe for strength, sanity and success.

Currently Mercury is retrograde. Many people fight this time and S T R U G G L E until it goes direct. Others, just put down big projects and wait.

Already, this week I've had some significant communication challenges. Some with people I love dearly about things that in the more grand scheme of life are not really THAT important. But dangit, we both want to make. our. point.

Some with clients where messages are being missed, from them to me, me to them, them to their clients, their clients to them. Emails lost in cyberspace. Contracts not making it to destinations. Payments not being received.

This morning I read this on twitter from Chani Nicholas, “Mercury Retrograde reveals what isn’t working. What’s about to break will. What’s stretched too thin will snap. What’s flimsy will fold.”

Seems about right. And it is all going to be fine.

A few years ago, one of my business and personal spirit animals, Danielle LaPorte, wrote this loving ode about Mercury Retrograde on Facebook - nearly 3 years ago -and it still rings true today. My favorite is the last line, “Don't put too much weight on what's up in the stars. You're bigger and brighter. Just be mindful and live your life.”

Here are 3 things I am putting into practice these next 3 weeks combining the left and right sides of my head:

  • Acknowledge and be mindful - yourself and others. Yes, you might have dropped the ball. Own it. Don’t blame Mercury. Yes, the other person may have dropped the ball. Give them some grace and move forward.

  • Clear the clutter - in your mind and heart. Let some things go that no longer serve you personally or professionally. Could be the colored markers on your desk you never used. Could be the heels that hurt your feet - even though your legs look great in them. Could be the story you’ve been telling yourself. Let. It. Go.

  • Phone a friend. Here’s the deal, life is an adventure that is meant to be joyously shared in community with other crazy superstars like you. Feeling spun out? Call your best gal pal and ask her to meet you and take a walk (moving the body is a brilliant way to shake off the funk).

This is a time where your jingles might get jangled. Just smile and say thanks, make note, make adjustments and move forward. Always move forward.

If you are looking for a place to support the left and right brain sides of your awesome self - come join The Profit Lab - A Private Facebook Group for Dedicated Entrepreneurs

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