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Why Group Coaching Fails and What I Did About It

You have specific challenges and opportunities in your business. It is HIGHLY unlikely there are a group of people in EXACTLY the same place at EXACTLY the same time needing EXACTLY the same information.

Your business is at a certain stage of development. Traditional group programs that teach a curriculum are not designed to meet you where you are. You and your business are unique.

When women sign up for group programs it is always curriculum based with little access to the course creator and much time spent studying along on your own.

For years I watched women in business spend tens of thousands of dollars on these programs with little or no results.

As I asked what was missing, the words accountability, mastermind, specific to my business came up over and over again.

Most group programs were about what to do with little substance on how to do it with the appropriate tools to measure results.

None of these programs worked with the business owners on the specifics of running a successful business.

There was little or no individual coaching. Not every participant was heard. Women were being left behind, and once discouraged would stop participating - wasting thousands of dollars for no result.

It is impossible to make a group curriculum program apply to everyone - whether there are 5 or 500 people participating.


Two years ago I set out to see if I could create a small group programs unlike anything I was seeing in the market for women in business.

No curriculum - simply meeting the micro and small business owners exactly where they were in the evolution of their business. Providing coaching specific to systems, processes, sales, marketing, cash flow and profitability with an emphasis on accountability and leveraging the collective wisdom of a group.

With dedication, determination, correct selection criteria, joy and grit, The Achievement Accelerators have taken women on a different journey with small group coaching at a reasonable investment that gets results.

Diverse business owners, from different industries, with different experience levels, skill sets, challenges and goals from different parts of the country and coach them individually in a collective container to achieve their results has been a wildly wonderful and successful journey.

Over the past two weeks I've been hearing from many business owners that the great plans they have set for themselves for 2017, do not seem to be coming to fruition. The first quarter is ALMOST over!

When I dig into things a little more; I hear how people are struggling with their systems and processes, marketing and sales struggling with cash flow and profitability and wondering what is the next best move.

Too many women business owners are working in isolation, without sufficient support providing counsel, coaching and accountability to keep them moving forward.

Is this you?

I have a solution. Enrollment is open for the Achievement Accelerators where mastermind, meets accountability, meets laser coaching with me and YOU get big things accomplished!

If you want to increase your sales, launch a new program or get some big goals accomplished, over the next 6 months, then this is an opportunity that deserves your immediate attention.

"....the Accelerator program has been clear, actionable, and packed with love. (Debbie's) coaching pushed my boundaries and held me accountable. With her support I have taken my business past 6 figures, something I would not have dreamt was possible a few years ago."

Are these the results you want this year?

If your answer is, "yes I do!" Then there is only one thing to do. Schedule a time for us to talk about YOU and your business and let's see if this is the right fit for you.

You don’t have to figure out your next best business move on you own. Let’s talk about working together.

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