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Friday's Featured Entrepreneur - Kim Peterson of Uniquely Savvy

Each Friday meet a featured entrepreneur, all are trusted colleagues, most I am honored to call friends, the others I just stalked mercilessly until they said YES, and some are even current clients or graduated ones.....but I'll let them decide if they want to share that!

You'll learn a thing or two and likely laugh a bit. They are all as candid in real life as they are here!

Describe yourself – I am a Champion of People who has a mindset of commitment around personal and professional development. I am the founder of Uniquely Savvy INC, a style and personal brand consultancy, I believe YOU are uniquely fashioned and help you look like and lead with your unique genius! I work tirelessly and decisively to collaborate with clients to achieve goal oriented results -stylistically and beyond. I've beat the odds both personally and professionally, and experienced my own inside-out transformation.

Describe your business – Since 2000 Uniquely Savvy has championed confident breakthroughs for emerging and busy professionals who desire to achieve greater success with greater ease in business and in life by harnessing their authentic personal brand and appearance. Individuals experience results when customized services are tailored to meet their specific need. Solutions span from personal brand building, color and body analysis, style analysis and development, closet audits and personal shopping (including J Hilburn custom menswear) to wardrobe

management – all according to lifestyle and budget. Teams and organization receive actionable take-aways and “know-how” through inspiring keynotes and educational workshops and trainings.

What are the stunning results clients/customers get when they hire and work with you? Clients experience confident breakthroughs through our aligned and strategic collaboration. Whether that’s in ownin’ their style statement or brand identity, reconnecting back to lost parts of their authentic self, or achieving breakthroughs in their limiting beliefs around business and life - it’s exquisite to see transformation - not just in appearance but in essence, confidence and countenance.

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received?

Want to grow your business? Grow your mindset first – then your business will improve. So true! Research indicates that everything we do is a reflection of our thoughts and mindset to include how and what we speak, how we act and the choices we make, and what we wear.

What’s the biggest challenge you ever faced in your business and how did you resolve it? Fear of failure was the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced in my business. I started my consulting business while homeless coming out of a domestic violence marriage. I had nothing when I started so it I was incredibly motivated to put my college degrees to work. Gratefully, I started with one Realtor and then for the most part my business was building based on referral. That said, when my divorce was final almost 3 years later –and I stopped holding my breath- I became completely fearful that I didn’t have what it took to be a successful style and image consultant.

I remember telling my therapist that I had made the decision to quit. In her wisdom, she recommended I don’t do that –nor make any major life decisions for at least 1 year post divorce. She was onto something. My emotions and perspective was clearly unfounded…I had been successful serving clients for almost three years, but I was confused by FEAR.

What’s the one question you wish clients would ask you but they never do?

That is a very good question. I’ve been considering this for a bit. Clients mostly ask for what they need and I love that! …That said, I think they would find another level of peace and freed up mind space if they asked if I am constantly looking at them (or others) and judging their appearance and wardrobes. The answer would be, “NO”. Candidly, it’s kind of a dichotomy

as I’m not interested in putting that kind of focus on people who’ve not enlisted my services. I’d much prefer to “experience “ who a person is – discerning their passions, personality and character.

Best time saving business tool you use? Calendar Blocking

Current book you are reading? Esther by Chuck Swindoll

What book do you recommend the most to other entrepreneurs?

The Success Principles, Jack Canfield

Website and Social Links

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Debbie Page Whitlock is a business coach and leading authority on cash flow for women entrepreneurs, and writes on all things related to creating sustainable, scalable and potentially salable businesses and other useful bits of business wisdom she’s acquired on her 20 year entrepreneurial odyssey.

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