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What Is A Business Coach?

She is part cheerleader, part strategic advisor, part sober second thought, part bootie kicker, part accountability partner.

She is tough and fair. Firm and compassionate. She is hopeful and doubtful. She is optimistic and pessimistic. It is her job.

She coaches and counsels, questions and challenges. She dishes out tough love. And gives you a high five or a hug – depending on what you need.

She thinks of her clients – all the time… really have no idea. She looks for opportunities and introductions when you are ready. She is a second set of eyes and ears.

She cares. Some might say too much. She can’t want it more for her clients than they want it for themselves, but sometimes she does.

She will hold your dream and vision on days when you lose sight of what it’s all about, and are overwhelmed with fear, doubt and worry. She’ll keep it safe, and return it well tended.

She will show you the money, and challenge you to go get it.

She will have you face the things you do not want to face. Not letting you retreat. Keeping her hand firmly on your back, gently whispering, “You’ve got this. You can do it.”

She’s been there and knows the way through.

She teaches you the things you need to know, and shows you how to apply them for your success. She shows you how to measure what matters and how to focus on what matters that’s measured.

She’s your champion, your advocate, your ally. She’s your business coach.


Debbie Page Whitlock is a business coach and leading authority on cash flow for women entrepreneurs, and writes on all things related to creating sustainable, scalable and potentially salable businesses and other useful bits of business wisdom she’s acquired on her 20 year entrepreneurial odyssey.

#Success #Business #GoalSetting

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