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Friday's Featured Entrepreneur - Nikki Rausch of That Sales Maven

Each Friday meet a featured entrepreneur, all are trusted colleagues, many I am honored to call friends, the others I just stalked mercilessly until they said YES, and some are even current clients or graduated ones.....but I'll let them decide if they want to share that! You'll learn a thing or two and likely laugh a bit. They are all as candid in real life as they are here!

Describe Yourself - My name is Nikki Rausch, the founder of Sales Maven. I’m a best selling author, speaker and sales coach with 22+ years of selling experience. I’m closed some of the largest deals in the history of the companies I worked for selling to organizations such as Hewlett Packard, Johnson & Johnson and NASA. The primary mission of my work is to support people to “Get The Recognition You Deserve” in your business. Entrepreneurs hire me to teach them how to sell in an authentic way without being pushy so they build strong relationships and close more deals.

Describe your business – Sales Maven offers private 1:1 coaching for entrepreneurs, corporate trainings for sales teams, and group workshops for individuals who like to learn in a collaborative environment. My signature 5 week Savvy Selling tele class teaches individuals' skills they can immediately apply to their business. The training is structured so you have time to practice and implement new techniques each week. Savvy Selling 2.0 webinar series is for individuals wanting to build a strong community while learning skills to be a more effective communicator.

What are the stunning results clients/customers get when they hire and work with you? Clients view “selling” differently. It’s no longer scary or uncomfortable. They learn how to build deep connections with clients and asking for the sale becomes natural. As a result, their business soars.

What’s the biggest challenge you ever faced in your business and how did you resolve it? The biggest challenge I’ve faced in my business is not knowing what I don’t know. How I’ve resolved it is by hiring coaches that have skill sets I do not have and by surrounding myself with other entrepreneurs who are extremely successful in their businesses. This drives me to continue to invest in my own personal and professional growth so I have more to offer my clients.

What’s the one question you wish clients would ask you but they never do? “What else in my life will improve as a result of learning relationship selling skills?”

Best time saving business tool you use? - Having a calendar my VIP clients can access and schedule their appointments when it’s most convenient for them.

Current book you are reading? The Red Carpet Guide to Visibility and Influence by Joie Gharrity

What book do you recommend the most to other entrepreneurs? The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann

What is the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received and who gave it to you? Know when to stop talking. People often talk themselves right out of a sales because they “sell past the close” was something my sales mentor, Russ Short taught me in early years of learning how to sell. It’s a lesson that has served me more times than I can count. I’m forever grateful for his guidance over the last 20+ years.

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Debbie Page Whitlock is a business coach and leading authority on cash flow for women entrepreneurs, and writes on all things related to creating sustainable, scalable and potentially salable businesses and other useful bits of business wisdom she’s acquired on her 20 year entrepreneurial odyssey.

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