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Bestseller but Broke? 2 Big Secrets for Cashing in on your Celebrity

Before the slightly depressing title of this post bums you all out, let me explain.

Not all bestselling authors are broke. Some dudes by the names of King, Grisham, Rowling, and Robbins (and a happy slew of others) are doing just fine, thank you very much. This is mainly because their books already had spots on the global bookshelf long before everyone and their sister decided to write a book and become a bestselling author.

The “bestseller” bookshelf is getting pretty crowded and competitive these days. Full disclosure, I am an “Amazon bestselling author” myself. I get it; it’s cool, right? My inner narcissist loved the moment that the “#1” popped up on the screen next to my book title in a few categories. After that, came the realization of all the people who now had print, electronic or audio copies of my knowledge and storytelling. Remarkably though, just because I was a bestselling author, didn’t mean Robin Leach was knocking on my door, inquiring about my rich and famous lifestyle.

A book means credibility—and it’s certainly a more inspired way of introducing yourself than a mere business card. But what is the secret on seeing returns from your author investment – whether that return is in book sales, publicity, or gaining new readers and clients?

Before I share the secrets I’ve learned in this past decade working with authors, I want to take a moment to acknowledge all my fellow authors for what you have already done. You just did about 200 laps around the folks on their couches who are still talking about writing a book. You picked a topic, developed content around it, created an outline, plopped your butt in a chair, and dedicated the time needed to write, edit, and publish your book. Because of all that, you are a published author, and nobody can ever take that away from you. Bravo! Now please, make sure your brilliance is broadcast to the people who need it the most (and make sure you get paid in the process).

Here are two big ways to monetize all that literary gold you’ve already spun in the pages of your book!

1. Use your book as a catalyst for a content empire.

Books are the cure for “blank white screen” syndrome. In today’s knowledge driven business climate, you need words to attract clients. Content marketing is much, much easier when you have an entire book’s worth of ideas. Your book is a veritable content vault that can be repurposed for years after publication!

Consider this: A typical business “expert” book is about 55,000 words in length. A business biography, even longer, over 70,000 words. Got content? Yes, with a book you do!

  • Average email newsletter: 300 words

  • Blog Post: 550 words

  • eBook (break out topics from your big book!): anywhere from a couple thousand words to 10,000 words.

  • Scripts for audio downloads and videos: depending on length, hundreds to a few thousand words.

  • Social media content: Think how many Facebook posts, Tweets, and LinkedIn updates you can create from 55,000+ words!

As with most things in business, the key to successfully converting your book into a content marketing vehicle is a clear strategy. I recommend mapping out your content themes and vehicles (social media, articles, videos, etc.) six months in advance.

2. Turn your prose into product!

Assuming your book is business-based, you have likely shared a handful of valuable lessons and strategies with your readers. Why not take those lessons to the next level by doing a deep dive and walking readers, step by step, through how to implement each one?

By turning your book into a “how to” product, you have the opportunity to show (not tell) your readers the true value of your expertise! And from a revenue standpoint, the price tag on a product is typically much higher than the one on the back of your book. Not only that, but by time your newly raving fans have read your book AND completed your program—how much rapport do you think you will have created? How will that benefit any future client relationship you create with them?

Want to run an idea by me or get further information on these ideas? Click here and book a free consultation with me!

About the Author: Bestselling celebrity ghostwriter Christine Whitmarsh helps authors, speakers,

and personalities share their stories, communicate their messages, and build thought leadership platforms through their books. Today Christine’s agency serves high profile personalities and thought leaders, helping them write their books and then create content marketing strategies to reach their readers. Her personal mission is to change the world – one book at a time!

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