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Are You Part of the 1%?

Since launching my coaching business 5 years ago, I have spoken to nearly 3,000 people at live events and another 2,000 on webinars where I’ve been a guest.

To some these numbers are enormous, and others you do it in a week. For me, among other things, they have been a study of entrepreneur behaviors. In particular with regard to accountability.

When I worked with a colleague on a series of talks with topics ranging from cash flow to marketing and sales, and the systems and processes necessary to run a thriving business, to improve margins and profits I wanted to have a signature invitation that would allow me to learn more about a business owner, begin building a relationship, hear where they thought their challenges were and give them support to get through to the next level they were seeking in business.

I’d heard so many people talking how much they needed accountability, how they craved it, how they knew they’d get more done with it. But didn’t know who to ask.

Accountability seemed the perfect fit for my invitation!

So talks were all crafted, each ending with a similar invitation for me to be their accountability partner for a month. The state their commitment to me in an email or forum – depending on the group – I’d check in with them by email Monday following the talk, to remind them of their commitment and follow up on Friday to see how they did, for four weeks.

I thought this would be a great way for me to give and be of service, provide support, some tiny coaching and would set the foundation for great business allies, champions and potentially clients along the way.

My concern? How would I keep up with it all? Seemed like it would be a good problem to have!

My first talk there were just over 100 people in the room. I delivered my message, the talk was perfect. I made the invitation for accountability. Send me the email and gave an incentive to act quickly. The response was fantastic……dozens of people saying “YES, I am in!” At least that’s what they said …… at the event.

I returned home, eager to see how many people had taken me up on my invitation.

I had 9 emails…….9.

Where were the others? There should have been at least a quarter of the room.

Slightly discouraged, but committed, I looked over the commitments, made my spreadsheet and was ready to roll.

And by the way…..there were no “late comers”. Less than 10% of the room had actually taken action.

Initial observation – there is a disconnect between people’s thoughts, intentions and actions.

Over the course of the next month I would email once, and follow up each week. Two emails per week from little ol’ me.


Week 1 – 9 emails out 7 reply on Friday with an update

Week 2 – 9 emails out 5 reply on Friday with an update

Week 3 – 9 emails out 3 reply on Friday with an update

Week 4 – 9 emails out 1 reply on Friday with an update

Surprised? I was, initially.

But time has provided the consistent result with over 5,000 people to whom I have spoken, only 500 have taken action on accountability, and only 50 have gone all the way through. 1% of the people who say they will commit to accountability will stay with it for the prescribed period of time.

Business owners, you do WANT to be part of this 1%!

The 1%ers ;-) make things happen!

You get things done!


So, I have an idea for you. Let me be your accountability partner.

Starting June 1st I want to take 30 people through 30 days of accountability so you can see what can happen in your business knowing someone is going to nudge you on your way in the morning, a thoughtful question about your goal or something to inspire you and will look forward to hearing your update at the end of the day.

With 30 days left til the half way point of 2016 where are you?

Have you taken the time to look at your numbers? Are you "crushing it" as the cool kids would say, and want to dial it up a bit? Are you on track, but want to make a push to the halfway point of the year? Behind, but know with some dedicated accountability you could make great strides?

What would help you this month? Someone to check in with you each morning? Remind you of your intention? Someone to keep you on course?

Maybe that could be me!

All you have to do is sign up here, tell you what you want professional accountability on, and beginning tomorrow morning you'll receive emails from me each week day morning by 8am.

I quietly shared this earlier today in a couple of private communities and still have a few seats at the table to speak.

If you've been saying you desire accountability or an accountability partner - this could be a GREAT way to give it a go.

You'll learn a few things about yourself and I'm quite confident you'll see significant result!

Oh, and did I mention - it's my gift to you. Yup - no dollars exchanged for the guidance, just the currency of intention and accountability...... are you in? Sign up here!


Debbie Page Whitlock is a business coach and leading authority on cash flow for women entrepreneurs, and writes on all things related to creating sustainable, scalable and potentially salable businesses and other useful bits of business wisdom she’s acquired on her 20 year entrepreneurial odyssey.

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