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Friday's Featured Entrepreneurs - Betsy & Warren Talbot of An Uncluttered Life

Each Friday meet a featured entrepreneur, all are trusted colleagues, most I am honored to call friends, the others I just stalked mercilessly until they said YES, and some are even current clients or graduated ones.....but I'll let them decide if they want to share that! You'll learn a thing or two and likely laugh a bit. They are all as candid in real life as they are here!

Describe yourself – Along with my husband Warren, we teach people how to get rid of what doesn’t work in their lives so they can enjoy more of what does.

Describe your business – Our audience enjoys a weekly podcast on topics related to living a Plan A life, free weekly resource guides for additional help, intensive courses on ridding themselves of mental and physical junk, and a private Life Lab community for people seeking support and knowledge on living a Plan A life.

What are the stunning results clients/customers get when they hire and work with you?

People learn to align their actions with their values—the missing link in creating a life they love! Our work is most impactful for people in transition—retirement, kids leaving home, divorce/remarriage, job change, move, etc. These changes causes them to reexamine life, and

we show them how to find the link between what they want their lives to look like and the actions they take every single day. It is simple but profound, and the results are life-changing.

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received?

Ship it. Your product or service is no good for your customers or your business if it never

makes it to the marketplace. Commit to launching it, and then make it better over time. (Advice learned through the teachings of Guy Kawasaki (Warren) and Seth Godin (Betsy) ).

What’s the biggest challenge you ever faced in your business and how did you resolve it?

We realized our business was more about ego (Likes and Views) than profit or service, and we had to make a serious change to fulfill our mission (and get over ourselves). Just because you do something unusual or admired with your life does NOT mean you have a business. We learned that the hard way, but we learned it in time to do something about it and regain our focus.

What’s the one question you wish clients would ask you but they never do?

What’s the risk of NOT pursuing my Plan A Life?

Best time saving business tool you use?

Evernote. We share an account and use it for book planning, course creation, podcast research, brainstorming, checklists for launches, and more. (Even recipes we pick up on our travels!)

Current book you are reading?

Nonfiction: Steal the Show by Michael Port.

Fiction: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.

What book do you recommend the most to other entrepreneurs?

Without a doubt, Do the Work by Stephen Pressfield. If you create anything, this is a


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