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The Power of Words

I am a big fan of the impact words have on our results.

Over the years I have eliminated many words from my vocabulary including; should, try, busy, but and want.

Replacing them with; will, do, productive, and - and desire.

Recently while working on some programs for my upcoming webinar series (stay tuned on that)…I was gobsmacked when I looked at the words action and activity.

For those of you who have followed me for awhile you know I have talked about our addiction to ambition and this crazy cult of busy-ness our culture is on.

But in looking at action and activity I found a new word that needs to go away.


Activity is defined as the quality or state of being active. Synonyms include busy.

Action is defined as the bringing about of an alteration, behavior producing result or outcome, a manifestation of intention. Synonyms include achievement and performance.

I admit in my private Facebook group The Profit Lab, I ask the group what Income Producing Activities will they focus on – no more – only Income Producing Actions – actions get results.

Think of the words you say to yourself and how you use them in your business and your life.

What word would you like to eliminate? Does it need to be replaced with another?

Come tell me on Facebook and let's see the impact it has on your success!

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