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You Will Not Be An Overnight Success

There is no overnight success or shortcut to get you to your goals.

Sorry for the tough love here team – but I have to say – I am a little beyond fed up with all the headlines I see from success coaches hawking their offerings like carnival barkers with unrealistic promises for results.

Here’s the news flash – whether it’s a best-selling book, or a sustainable, scalable six figure business it does NOT happen overnight.

Please stop investing tens of thousands of dollars in programs and products that will “fix” your business or make you an “overnight” sensation.

I’m probably not going to acquire any clients from this post – but it has to be said; if things aren’t going well in your business stop looking for the lifeguard to rescue whatever isn’t working in your business – instead hire a swim instructor.

Someone who can show you HOW to do what you need to do and will keep you moving forward when you want to stop. Make sense?

There is no program, product or coach who will change your business if YOU don’t do the work.

If there is something you desire to change in your business then hire a pro who has been there and done that; they should have a system they can share with you – and here’s the other thing – they’ll hold you accountable.

And to be clear – I’m not talking about sending you daily emails or text message reminders to “do your homework” – (that might have been something your mom did to make sure you did your homework – you’re the CEO of your company now) - they’ll hold you accountable by showing up at your scheduled sessions – ready for updates on the work YOU have been doing since the last call, will help you navigate sticking points – keep you from getting too stuck in your head and spinning – and keep you moving forward – even if it seems like a glacial pace – compared to everything and everyone else you see on the internet.

Remember glaciers might move slowly – but they can carve a deep and wide path on their journey; and you can too!

The most successful people I know in business – entrepreneurs or otherwise – attribute their success to their hustle and simply grinding out…..



D A Y.

It may not sound sexy – but it does get results – in fact it’s the ONLY thing that will get you the sustained results you deserve.

#GoalSetting #success

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