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44 Day Goal Achievement Challenge Using Facebook Mentions

Have you ever started something that you thought would do one thing and quickly turned to another?

That happened to me in September. I’d been looking to create some accountability in my writing as I continue to work on my book For The Love of Money and had recently landed a verified page on Facebook and was able to “unlock” the Mentions app that would let me do live, real time broadcasts right on my Facebook page. Thank you Mari Smith for introducing me to this little gem at the eWomenNetwork .

My plan was hatched within 72 hours. I shared it with a couple of great gals over lunch, they thought the idea was great. 44 days of accountability and check in to accomplish one thing that just wasn’t happening in your life. Could be professional, could be personal.

I put up the opt in page – sponsored a post on Facebook and launched on September 4th. In less than 3 days over 180 people had opted in for morning check ins – mid day prompts and end of the day reporting.

Naively I thought I’d pop on Facebook at 7:45am Pacific give a report/update on my progress and what I was experiencing. Maybe share an idea given what I was seeing and be on about my day by 8am – 15 minutes, tops.

By day 3, I KNEW – in that deepest place that I had touched on something that I had wondered about with entrepreneurs but couldn’t confirm and decided to explore this hunch with a willing and desirous tribe who was resonating with my ramblings.

So, Live Chats turned into morning coaching sessions. The topics plucked from the reporting that was happening from the previous day’s check in.

Over 44 days I discovered about entrepreneurs:

  • Too many entrepreneurs are working in isolation and are CRAVING community – and that social connection with conversation trumps “liking” a comment or post.

  • Entrepreneurs want to be seen and heard, not necessarily understood. They just want to know that someone acknowledges how flippin’ hard they are working and that their message is one that needs to be heard.

  • Time is the great nemesis. Distractions are aplenty – and lack of structure and personal discipline is eroding productivity and profits.

  • Clutter – in the mind and physical spaces as well – indicates overwhelm. The chaos prevents entrepreneurs from doing their best work.

  • Entrepreneurs desire accountability, and NEED someone to report to, in order for their best progress to be made.

  • Time blocking and embedding were revolutionary when explained and reinforced.

  • Few people had ever focused on ONE thing for 44 days, and found it challenging in the beginning to keep the main thing the main thing.

  • Just over 20% of those who opted in – opted out within a week. With the number one reason being the accountability and twice daily emails was overwhelming them.

  • Only 12% of those who opted in were actively engaging on a daily basis – between the live chats and the end of the day check ins.

  • Setting goals isn’t the problem – we’ve got that down. It’s executing and achieving that’s the problem costing us tens of thousands of dollars.

…..and a few things I learned about myself.

  • I know more than I’ve ever given myself credit.

  • I’ve read a LOT of books on personal development and human potential.

  • Live coaching on video keeps you on your toes.

  • Good lighting makes all the difference in the world.

  • After the 5th day, I stopped observing myself on camera like an animal at the zoo. Stopped seeing the physical “flaws” on my face. The puffiness under my eyes from not enough sleep, the blotchiness that happens on my neck and chest when I get excited or nervous, the fact that one nostril is bigger than the other (seriously – I noticed this…..AND adjusted the camera angle….) ;-) Once we know better we can do better.

  • It’s time for me to share my knowledge and expertise with the world, and not keep it a secret.

  • I can get “camera ready” in 15 minutes if necessary.

  • I have a gift for creating connection and community.

Since the end of the 44 Day Challenge, I’ve launched an intimate program for entrepreneurs focusing on money, marketing, messaging and mindset. Every participant came from the Challenge.

I’ve had a LOT of people ask if I’ll do it again. Candidly, I don’t know. Maybe. But not for awhile.

I appreciate EVERY person who said yes to the challenge and wish you continued success.

If you missed it and want to participate on your own – all the videos are archived on a playlist on my Facebook page – have at ‘em. There is nearly 30 hours of coaching all yours there for free.

All I would ask of you is this:

  • Don’t do it alone.

  • Post to my page that you are going to start these videos every day – and go for 44 days.

  • Check in – in the morning after watching the video and tell me what you are committed to accomplishing, and at the end of the day to tell me how you did.

  • Preferably publicly, not in a private message.

You might also find support in my private FB group The Profit Lab.

Here’s to achieving your best goals!

#success #GoalSetting

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