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Prioritizing For Profit At The Holidays

As the holidays race towards us, invitations will be aplenty from cocktail parties and happy hours with friends and family to holiday events for charity, client appreciation events, and vendors wanting to show their appreciation for your general awesomeness.

Here are 3 ideas to help you decide what to say yes to while still hitting your goals:

  • Look back at last year’s calendar and see what events you attended and evaluate how many of them are a fit for you and how many of those will likely see you invited back…..I mean, you weren’t THAT gal at the holiday gathering last year…. Were you? ;-) Make these a priority. It will then keep you from filling up your precious time with commitments that don’t excite or serve you.

  • Of the invitations you are starting to receive, how many of them will involve you hobnobbing with your ideal client(s) or gaining introductions to influencers of your target demographic? When it comes to work holiday events, strategically position yourself to attend the ones that will introduce you to the largest potential of clients.

  • Strategically select 3 influencers in your business this past year and invite them to breakfast or lunch your treat. By initiating the invitation you intentionally direct connection and conversation with people who are influencers in your business.

These simple strategies will help you place priority on your time, so when the invitation comes in that feels like a “have to” or “should” – you truly are able to say, “thank you for the invitation, and my calendar is full.” No excuses, no worrying about ticking someone off.

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