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Who the heck are you and why should I accept your LinkedIn request?

I continue to be amazed at the number of requests I get on different social channels from people who make no effort to introduce themselves and identify what it was that compelled them to send a request.

I get that you can’t do much advance conversations on Facebook as an example, otherwise you end up in the “other” category with Saudi Princes who are “greatfull to meat” you. And while Twitter does allow you to send a message, the platform is designed for people to follow without sending a request (though you can adjust your settings to approve followers).

So, I’m fine with that – however it sure is nice to tag someone in a tweet, “great to meet you at #StartupWeekSea” They are likely meeting lots of people too and it sure does help create context.

That brings us to LinkedIn – the platform for business professionals to connect online and expand their network. LinkedIn actually provides us with a field to personalize a request to connect. As I looked at 45 recent requests to connect – only 3 are people I consciously know I had a conversation with while attending an event. The rest? Other than maybe sharing some connections – I have NO idea why they want to connect.

Here are 3 things you MUST do each time you make a LinkedIn request:

  • Personalize the request field with how you met or why you want to connect with that person.

  • Once they accept your request – send them a message and say thank you. It’s just good manners.

  • Read their most current post and make a comment relevant to the article. It shows you are interested in them and aren’t just “upping your numbers” so to speak.

Our business culture has gotten a little too casual, and it’s time to return to some basic manners in the online world of networking.

Thanks for the reminder Mike Grabham.

Stay tuned for my next blog post tomorrow about brain picking…..I think the daylight savings change has made me a little cranky.

#networking #Business

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