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Hey! Call me.

These three words strike a chord of annoyance in EVERY business owner I know. Maybe we're just a little traumatized by the times we thought somone was calling to invite us to do something cool only to find out when we called them back - it was a set up, a weird sleezy tactic based on the "get them curious" - when in reality it is annoying and dumb and diminishes your credibility.

So, I'm just going to say - stop it.

When you are a professional and you want a professional to call you back, heck if you want your kid to call you back - give them the short version of what's up and what you want to talk about when you can chat.

In a world where many are running at a quick pace, it sure helps us to maximize efficiency for everyone.

Here's my formula for a 100% return call rate:

  • Speak clearly - and slowly - that will get their attention

  • State your name and your phone number right at the beginning - repeat your number - I listen to all my voicemails 2x a day - love having the digits up front and ready to roll.

  • Say why you're calling - you don't need to get in the weeds of it necessarily - but you do need to give at least the 30k foot reason for the call.

  • Ask your specific question.

  • Thank them in advance for their insight and returning your call.

  • Leave your digits again.

A scripted example:

"Hi Sue, Debbie Page Whitlock here - 206-579-0249 - 206-579-0249. You and I met at the Chamber Event in Bellevue, and I wanted to learn more about your workshop on time management for entrepreneurs. I'm in my office today and tomorrow, and will look forward to hearing from you at your convenience. My number again is 206-579-0249. Talk soon."

If I call and say, "Hi Sue, Debbie Page Whitlock here, give me a call back when you get a chance I have a question for you, thanks." Sue is going to be annoyed. Let's not annoy Sue. Let's not annoy one another.

This goes if you are cold calling too. Script out what you want to say, practice it and get on the phone.

Not sure how to script something out? Send me an email and I'll help you craft one up. You'll need to tell me:

  • Your name, and your business name

  • Who are you calling

  • What are you calling about

  • Why this person should call you back

  • What's in it for them when they do call you back

What's one of your business pet peeves? Post it here - I'd love to know.

Looking for a community of like minded entrepreneurs committed to doing great things? Come check out The Profit Lab - a closed Facebook group for achieving entrepreneurs moderated by moi!

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