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Weekly Wrap Up - What I've Seen, Heard or Read

A full week is coming to a close. Here are some things I found this week, that you should know:

  • The Beautiful Change is a movement designed to shift the world from one of comparison to one of compliments. Watch this heartfelt video - it's worth your time - and join the movement.

  • I gave a terrific interview on entrepreneurship and the lessaons not being taught in business school. It's about 30 minutes - and perfect to catch in the car on the way to your next appointment. Listen here.

  • Honored to be interviewed in the expanded edition of Beth Beulow's book, The Introvert Entrepreneur. If you think success is only for extroverts......this book will show you that's simply not true. It's available to pre-order - definitely one to add to your personal development library.

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