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Why You're Not Achieving Your Goals

The problem isn’t the goal – the problem is the process of reaching the goal, the daily execution of the process and accountability.

I’ve always thought that the world would be an intriguing place if as the meme says…a liar’s pants really caught on fire! I’m talking about the lies we tell ourselves. Entrepreneurs are notorious for this. Oh, don’t get me wrong, we’re not bad people – we just …ummm – let’s say over exaggerate how effective and efficient we are really being.

When it comes to goal achievement there are a few things that go wrong:

  • Unreasonable goals – look, I’m all for stretch goals…..but you need to break your goal down – reverse engineer it, and make dang sure you are looking at the pieces that contribute to the whole, including what else you need to do to get where you desire. Break down your goals and make sure you have all the resources you need to make them happen, and if not, do you have the capacity to address the pieces to get you to the big vision. If might need to pick a new goal.

  • There is an “ish” hanging on your goal….you do a launch, but you don’t break down the SPECIFICS, and you don’t tell anyone. Accountability is a key ingredient in achieving your goal. Look, I get it…it is SCARY to tell someone what you’re up to…..because let’s be real….what if it doesn’t happen? You'd look dumb (that's what YOU think) - "they" might judge you. Here’s the thing, I know most people want to see you achieve what you set out to do, (if you don't have ANY of those people in your life...we need to connect you to some) and most people will, in their own way, support the journey you are on – AND – people can’t support you in their own way – if you don’t tell them. I had a bit of this happen this year too.

  • You’re not tracking every aspect of your goal and monitoring the process. Somewhere along the way the personal development world infiltrated the practical efficiency of goal setting and entrepreneurs bought into the “set it and forget it” approach to goal setting – write it down once, put it on your vision board and that’s all you have to do. Yes, I do know, and agree writing it down is a BIG first step……but pay attention…it’s the FIRST step….you’ve got to keep going, what we measure matters.

You are coming to the time of year where your thoughts are drifting to 2016, and are likely getting ready to do some goal setting and strategic planning. Reverse engineer ALL your goals, be specific with what needs to happen and create accountability around your goals.

I guarantee these three things are a game changer when it comes to results....the proper process WILL lead to the desired result.

If you are looking to retrain your “goal achievement” muscle – check out The 44 Day Goal Setting Achievement Challenge that starts TODAY at noon Pacific. You should join literally have NOTHING to lose.

XO -d

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