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I'm Coming Out

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I am a woman, a feminist and a Christian.

I have read The 50 Shades Series and intend to meet up with a great group of women to see it this week.

There I said it…..I’m out.

What I have appreciated about the 50 Shades phenomena is that women are having conversations with one another and their partners about their sexuality and desires.

In my opinion it has removed some of the stigma around sex and sexuality for women. Is the series a literary work of art…..not in my opinion (heavy on MY opinion)…..but may I point something out to you who are 50 Shades of Hating right now?

The entire franchise if you will, was built on women…..yep…women wanted more…...we wanted more Ana, more Christian Gray…….millions of women said ….yes…...I’d like another book, and another...and a movie…..oh, and you know what…….the more that has been created the more women have purchased… has touched a core nerve with millions of women.

What frustrates me, and what I am critical about … is the bandwagon that people are jumping on ….. without any personal experience with the books…..condemning and placing judgement on those who have read, and enjoyed and intend to see the movie.

Read the books, see the movie….or don’t…..but let’s not judge one another if we do or do not.

Right now, there are some of the most fascinating and healthy conversations happening in academia about female and male sexuality….driven by the phenomena to the series.

I came out today….because I know somewhere there is a woman who is fearful she will be judged because she read these books…...and she HATES feeling like she has a dirty secret to hide.

So to you my unknown sister, “hello” it’s nice to meet you…..

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