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Times They Are A Changin'

If there is one thing I learned this year - my constant is change.

I’ve always been one of those rare creatures who loves change; it’s a time of excitement and possibility. I won’t kid you though and say that coming to the moment of change is always easy or smooth. What I do know is that with years of commitment to the right internal tools and surrounding myself with the best people on “team me” - the process of change, from curiosity, to decision to execution now comes with less effort and angst.

You are likely now asking yourself, “What’s she changing?” or simply saying, “Get to the point Deb.”

So here it is….after several months of reflection and introspection I have made the decision to sign off as a radio host in Seattle.

Over 6 years I have interviewed hundreds of thought leaders and influencers....I've laughed, cried, been angry, made other people laugh, cry and get angry ....all in the name of supporting the thousands of listeners in creating a sense of personal prosperity.....December 5th, was my 6th anniversary on the air....and it was my last live broadcast on KKNW AM 1150.

Why didn’t I tell you that day?

I wanted people to listen because they love the show, the guest, the idea, the conversation, the topic….not because it was my last.

There were a number of things that went into my decision and among them was this question, “In order to make room for new things in my world from business opportunities to personal and professional connections what could be set aside in order to create space for new things and people to come into my world?”

My mentor and friend Christopher Flett took a look at my 2015 plan and asked me to order my plan with this in mind…..what would kill you….if you couldn’t do, or didn’t accomplish.

When I looked at my business through that lense, I realized I had created a lot of noise in my world and with my own book about to be born ….. it is time for me to prepare to be on the other side of the microphone.

So what’s next?

I’m taking some time off between Christmas and New Years to travel and finish the book, bring a peaceful closure to 2014 and welcome 2015 with a big smile and a warm embrace.

You’re not done hearing from me though!

I will be publishing a weekly podcast based on the themes of Femme Finance and Femmenation, (look for those to start end of January) and have been connected to one of the gurus of podcasting and am excited to implement new ideas and perspectives. Now you will be able to download and listen at your convenience - not at my regularly scheduled time.

I will be immersed in coaching my clients on cash flow efficiency and fundamental business development and operation, will serve the local women’s business community as Executive Managing Director for eWomenNetwork, and will be promoting my book, For The Love Of Money.

It may sound like a lot - truth be told it’s half of what I started out with for 2015! For years I have been wide in my work, and now it’s time to be DEEP.

Can we stay connected?

The best way will be by saying YES to email updates from me - I will let you know when new podcasts go up and when the book is complete - you will have first notice

...always….and I may even ask if you’d like to get a sneak peek of a chapter or two in the New Year.

My heart is filled with gratitude for the people who have been close to me on this journey, Sue Lundquist, Pam Gray, Rochelle Alhadeff, Erik Krema - thank you. There are no words to adequately describe the admiration and respect of have for my and friend Benny Mathers…..there is NO way, I could have accomplished all this without you.

Last month I shared on Facebook an excerpt from the newsletter of one of my oldest and most trusted friends Jack Smith, who said this; "Saying 'No' with intention, meaning and purpose is THE ONLY WAY a different opportunity or solution can be found. Without that word, our lives can become a mish-mash of unintentional decisions and noise rather than a path set with intention and the satisfaction of knowing we are making decisions and taking actions based on what is right for us as a person and our goals. And while it often requires a leap of faith that saying ''no' today will result in a better or at least different opportunity tomorrow, that's where the magic of life happens."

So, I ask you dear friends where will you make room for the most important people, work and things in your life?

My fictional radio mentor Frasier had this to say when he said Goodnight Seattle for the last time….and I’ll leave you with this, ”while it’s tempting to play it safe the more we are willing to risk the more alive we are. In the end, what we regret most are the chances we never took.”

My heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has listened, supported and shared this radio journey with me.

#change #business #growth

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