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Working Together

If you are ready to sharpen your skills, increase your knowledge and make more money by establishing and leveraging systems to elevate your success, then we should talk.

Whether through a private one on one Profitability VIP Deep Dive, ongoing Profitability Inner Circle Private Coaching or a dedicated training through Speaking, I will take you from where you are to where you want to be.  


Why is working with me as your coach, different?  You will get results.  

Clients who commit to doing the necessary work to run their business profitably, in integrity with their own values and vision, get results from 20% to 100% revenue AND profit increases - going from 5 figures to 6 figures and beyond! 


I work with an exclusive group of women in business from financial advisors and insurance professionals on “partner track”, to solopreneurs and seven figure business owners to achieve their greatest results.  These are women who want to stay on a fast track to revenue and profitability growth, top notch resources and premium accountability.


Your cash flow is driven by different aspects of your business, and I know where you need to look to create repeatable and remarkable results.


If you are looking for a quick fix, I’m not the solution.  


My process will allow you to make BIG impact and sustained change, challenging you to exponentially grow your business.

Profitability Inner Circle Private Coaching
I really can't stop thinking about my private clients, and frankly, I don't want to - they are pretty awesome.....just like you.


Private Coaching involves two monthly, hour long sessions where we systematically and strategically move your business forward with incremental shifts that yield big results in your sales, marketing, cash flow and profit.


I'm also available to you by text or email between sessions if you need a quick check in, take a moment to celebrate or get a kick in the pants.....those are always followed by a hug!


Following the system that I have used with countless women in business, you will see results that will give you more money in the bank, greater success with clear direction and confidence.


If you are tired of group coaching programs where you are one of many and are ready for personal, premium and customized attention for you and your business, then click here to schedule a time for a 45 minute complimentary Taste of Success session where I can hear what you are up to in your business and we can determine if we are a match.

Profitability Deep Dive A VIP Experience
This eye opening day is All About You, and it is DIFFICULT for me to contain my excitement for all you will experience!


We will spend 4 hours together evaluating ways to increase cash flow and profit by leveraging strategies and techniques you've never considered.


Additionally, you will receive a documented action plan, 2 - 45 minute follow up calls, it will keep you accountable and on track and sustain your momentum.


This is perfect if you are ready to double or triple your income, are new to coaching or needing to reset your business.


You will leave with a personal road map and the confidence you will get there by following your system.


If this sounds like it might be for you click here to schedule a complimentary conversation.

I am a business coach and entrepreneur who teaches women how to create sustainable and scalable systems to accelerate business growth and increase cash flow.


I have an ability to take the complex and confusing aspects of business and make them relevant and attainable to audiences across North America.


My 20-year journey of entrepreneurship, most of those years in financial services has taught me many lessons and allowed me to develop strategies that I now readily share with business owners.


Whether it is a signature talk on Cash Flow and Profitability, Sales and Marketing, Success and Women's Leadership my commitment to creating an environment that will have the audience taking action is beyond compare.


I have co-authored Incredible Life - Top Experts Reveal How To Create Yours and have my first stand alone book For The Love Of Money - Making Cash Flow Easy For Women In Business is a work in progress.


Wonder what other people say about my speaking and training? You can find testimonials on speaking and coaching here.


Thinking you might be interested in having me speak?  Send me an email and let's have a conversation about your organization or association, and let's see if my messages line up with what you are seeking.

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