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Private Session Invitation

with Debbie Page Whitlock

Hi there Achiever! 


Candidly, I had NO idea how the 44 Day Goal Achievement Challenge would be received, I had hoped there would be a dozen or so people who would come along….as of today 167 people have said yes. WOW!!!


This weekend I had a few people reach out to me, desiring some one on one time and inquiring whether I would work with them in an efficient private session, to work through some confusion they were having and create clarity and a more defined and refined plan than they were working on currently.


My business model traditionally doesn’t have a “one off” session, however, after some reflection it felt right to say yes and create a special price for this community for a 75 minute session to evaluate your goal, the pathway of progress you’ve created,  identify any real or perceived roadblocks, discuss mindset and execution, and clear up any of the fear doubt or worry you might be experiencing.


The special rate I set is $224

When I consult with companies on sales and marketing for their teams the rate I bill is $325- I only share that as a point of reference – not cuz I’m the shizzle ;-) ……oh…and……in playing with the math of it…because that’s what I do….. the $224 price adds up to 8 – the number of prosperity (if you aren't familiar with the number 8, read this and you'll see why she's my favorite)….I always like it when people invest in things that have meaning for them….and if I add 44% to the special offer – it nearly matches my consulting rate….kind of cool huh? Ok, maybe just weird…but felt compelled to share.


Now…on with the convo……


Because of the timing of this week with the holiday here in the US – I have opened my calendar up for  a limited number of sessions to be available, and given the response we’re having in this challenge, I know they won’t last long.

If this speaks to you, then I look forward to spending time with you.










All you need to do is click on the orange box above and submit your payment through PayPal.


As soon as I receive notification of payment – we will coordinate our schedules for this week and make it happen.


Oh…and another thing…


For every person who signs up I will donate $8 to Kiva – and collectively we will make a loan through Kiva – to support a woman in business…..seems like a good thing to do, don’t you?


Why would you do this?

  • You already feel a “spin” happening in this process and you want to get the tools to make it stop.

  • You want to eliminate the overwhelm you are feeling about this Challenge – by the way….it’s coming from other areas in your life – and I know how to find them and what to do to make it stop.

  • You know you want one more layer of accountability and connection to keep your momentum on the journey to your goal achievement.

  • You desire a second set of experienced eyes on your goal and the actions you have broken down.

  • You want a faster result for yourself.


As I said on this morning’s video chat, it had not occurred to me that there would be a desire for this kind of offer and am grateful that a few people reached out early to inquire.  I hope you see the value in the price, and if it can serve you in an individual way, moving you more efficiently toward your goal, then I will be honored to spend time with you.


With my deepest gratitude,



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