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44 Day Goal Achievement Challenge

with Debbie Page Whitlock

Think you’re good at setting goals? How about achieving them?

If there’s a disconnect between what you set and what you achieve – I know you’re doing it wrong.


How do I know this? Because I’ve been there – but not anymore.  Once I understood the science and theory to goal setting, everything changed…..and I want to share what I’ve learned and how I use it myself and with my clients….with YOU.


Here’s why you’re falling short of achieving your goals:

  • Your goals are vague – you don’t have enough specificity in their creation.

  • You’ve made your goal too easy…or WAY too hard.

  • You’re not DEEPLY committed to the outcome.

  • You’re not tracking your DAILY progress.

  • You try and do too much at once.


How many applied to you? If even ONE of these landed with you – then you should join me and an undetermined number of other brave entrepreneurs as we embark on a 44 day goal achievement challenge, designed to retrain the goal setting and achieving part of your brain.







Who's this for?

Business owners, entrepreneurs, or outside sales people who set goals and are finally ready to achieve them!

What does it cost?

$0 - Nada


Nope it's not a typo  this is just as much for me as it is for you.  You're participation is going to keep me accountable on something pretty big that I've been farting around with for long enough! There's more on that below. 


What do I have to do to get started?

  • Send me your name and email, and I’ll send you a link to my most recent Coach’s Corner call – listen to the first ½ of the call – I cover the brain science of goal setting and how to do it to achieve your results, and where things fall apart.

  • Brain dump 2-3 goals you really want to accomplish between now and October 17th (they are likely things you just haven't done yet this year....maybe something new...that's up to you!

  • Be with me live on my Facebook Page, Friday, September 4th at Noon as I walk you through the first parts of making sure you have a goal that fits the criteria of effective goal setting

  • During that live chat publicly share your goal (accountability and awareness are BIG drivers in achieving goals + it’s more FUN)


What’s involved?

  • You chime in on my Facebook Page in the morning at the start of your day – with the ONE action you will take that day to move closer to your goal.

  • You laugh at my mid-day email nudge – I’m watching you ;-)

  • You check back in at the end of the day and confirm you took your action, or you didn’t and what you’ll do to get back on track.

  • Then it’s wash, rinse and repeat.

  • I’ll be doing online live chats each day, sharing my progress and answering your questions – they will be no more than 10 minutes – these are going to be real deal – chats.

  • Realistically you might spend 15 minutes a day getting nudged by me and then add however long it will take you to take your own measurable action. As Tony Robbins says, “If you don’t have 15 minutes a day to focus on something important to you, you don’t have a life.”


Why should you do it?

  • Most entrepreneurs do a goal setting session each year, but miss the mark of achieving the goal, because they didn’t do it correctly.  What if you used these six weeks as your goal setting lab? So as you gear up for the big stuff you desire to achieve in 2016, you already have flexed this muscle and applied it to ONE thing successfully.

  • You can achieve an important goal.

  • You will learn new strategies you can use over and over again on anything you desire to achieve.


Why does goal setting matter?


Lewis Carroll says, “Any road will get you there, if you don’t know where you are going.”


There was a fascinating study conducted on the 1979 Harvard MBA program where graduate students were asked “have you set clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?”  The result, only 3% had written goals and plans, 13% had goals but they weren’t in writing and 84% had no goals at all. Ten years later, the same group was interviewed again and the result was absolutely mind-blowing.


The 13% of the class who had goals, but did not write them down was earning twice the amount of the 84% who had no goals. The 3% who had written goals were earning, on average, ten times as much as the other 97% of the class combined! 


But wait Debbie, you aren’t charging ANYTHING for this, you’re going to be doing daily nudges and shorty live chats – why? What’s in it for you?

Well, I’m glad you asked. At a time where I don’t have a one to one accountability partner, it seemed a great way to get accountability in a community setting.  Each of us working towards our own desired outcomes, with a common purpose; effective goal setting.  Oh…you want to know what my goal is.  You’ve got to sign up and be on the first live chat – I’ll tell you it’s significant. It’s so significant I am dedicating over the 44 days a minimum of 66 hours to it. 90 minutes at a time……now, you don’t have to do that – but I do……and because it’s this significant I need support, and I think together we can all accomplish some pretty amazing things.


Is any goal too small?

Nope? It’s your goal – I don’t believe goals are sized – they just are.  What’s important to you is important to you, and because of that it will be important to me too.


Where do I get started?

Right here – drop me your name and email – and the process gets started with an email welcome from me and a worksheet that will get you going. Invite other people you know to join the adventure-the only risk involved is not taking action.


Any questions? Email me


So........are you in?




Know someone else who should do this to? Invite them by sharing on social.


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