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Are You An Over Achiever Who Is Under Performing?

  • Do you have big goals for 2017?

  •  Do you struggle to hold yourself accountable?

  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed and unsure

of your next best step?

  • Do you work alone, feeling lonely and unable to find

a tribe of high achievers who can support you and

your vision?

I understand, because I’ve been there too.

For many years I struggled mightily in my own businesses, thinking I had to figure it all out on my own. Keeping all my cards close to the vest, not wanting anyone to know I was frustrated and searching for solutions to make my own business more powerful and profitable.

I knew there were experts who could show me the way, but how would I get access to them? Large curriculum based programs provided a lot of "what you need to do" knowledge, but little or no "how to" support to execute on this new-found knowledge.


And unless I was paying 5 figures - I never had access to the person who developed the program.

I found unstructured mastermind and accountability groups to be more social than strategy and execution.

It was frustrating and discouraging, and I knew I wasn't alone.

"The death of an entrepreneur is solitude." Sirolli


What if I told you there is an antidote to the isolation, frustration and discouragement that comes with running your own company?

"Debbie's support in the Accelerator program has been clear, actionable, and packed with love. Her coaching pushed my boundaries and held me accountable. With her support I have taken my business past 6 figures, something I would not have dreamt was possible a few years ago. I look forward to our calls, and know that she is someone I can count on when I'm having a moment of panic because we all have those moments and need to have our booty kicked back into place. Debbie Page is the real deal." - Molly Mahoney, Founder and President The Prepared Performer


This antidote leads to greater efficiency with your time, increased effectiveness with your marketing, and best of all; 

GREATER profits in your business!


Let me introduce The Achievement Accelerators.

Semi-private, group coaching and accountability program that is high touch and results driven.

You will get results!

Here are some of the results business owners have experienced:

  • Sales UP by 50% or more.

  • Profits UP by 20% or more.

  • Programs and products launched.

  • Head trash kicked to the curb.

  • Big client contracts signed.

  • Aggravating staffing issues resolved -for good!

  • Vendor management streamlined for maximum efficiency.

  • Systems and processes created to support success.



Group coaching experiences often come with big price tags for tuition with little access to the leader, and completely driven by a curriculum that doesn’t always apply to you and what you want to accomplish...not anymore! 


If you are through with "do it yourself" courses and are seeking accountability to maintain your business focus and attention, the ability to tap into the collective wisdom of a thriving group, and want a coach to partner with you to create actionable steps for execution to maintain your momentum, then you need to apply today!



"Debbie’s ability to ‘listen between the lines’ has given me and our business unique ways of looking at and solving challenges for several areas of our business development.  Debbie is a keen supporter of small business and our individual ways of entrepreneurship.   If you are feeling stuck over the best ways to move your business forward, I highly recommend consulting with Debbie to discover what she could bring to your business growth!" Shawn DeNae Wagenseller, CEO, Washington Bud Company 


Achievement Accelerator Details!


Semi-private coaching groups where you get one on one laser coaching – every other week.  This is the program I wanted for myself several years ago and could never find……so now I’ve created it for YOU!

  • Each Accelerator will have a maximum of 4 business owners (so you get plenty of attention from me AND the bonus of learning what works in other types of businesses too).

  • We start Thursday, April 13th and finish Thursday, September 21st - plenty of time to dig in and gain maximum momentum this year! 

  • Limited space is available in each group - the morning group begins at 8:30am, and the evening group begins at 5pm - accommodating your schedule. Your reply now increases the chance to get your preferred time!

  • Each semi private session will be 2 hours and 20 minutes in length via Zoom (technology platform similar to Skype).  As a member, you will receive 30 minutes per session of laser coaching by ME on the business challenge you bring to the session, in addition to providing status updates from the previous call.  These laser coaching sessions will give your greater knowledge, fresh insight and access to resources shared from the other group members during the session.

  • Every two weeks you will be required to set specific actionable goals and to share your progress - the secret sauce is the level of accountability. Accountability drives results!

  • The sessions are very YOU driven.  My agenda is to show you how to achieve yours. You'll have more focus on you and your business than you have likely ever had (and more results to show for it)!

  • Weekly accountability emails from me to keep you on track (it's easy to let goals slide without accountability!)

  • Same day text/email access to me (the kind of access usually reserved for my high dollar private clients...and my parents)!

  • Up to 2 emergency calls during the program to discuss a 911 situation in your business. These 20-minute calls can be used to have me talk you off the ledge, or brainstorm a brand new opportunity you don't want to screw up, keeping you moving toward your goals!


The Investment

You will get results, established systems and processes, increased cash flow AND profitability!


All of this for  $350/month for 6 months using an easy payment plan.



"The Achievement Accelerator program with Debbie Page has completely changed the way I think about my business. I no longer feel alone – now I have a small tribe of women who listen, offer support, and give advice. I have the precious opportunity to do the same for them. But most of all, I have a tough-but-gentle angel named Debbie who sits on my shoulder throughout the week, reminding me to push forward and do the work. I highly recommend working with Debbie one-on-one or by joining an Achievement Accelerator group!" Kristin Heffley, Owner and Chief Executive Caffeinator, Caffeinated Communications Studio



If this opportunity is speaking to you (or you think it might be JUST the thing for someone you know) please don't delay in scheduling 30 minutes on my calendar and let's talk about what's happening in your business and how this could be JUST the thing you need to move your business to the next level!

Here are some of the most common questions about The Achievement Accelerators. Have a question that's not answered here? Just ask me


How do I sign up? 

I'm glad you asked! You have a personal interview with ME! I want to have a conversation about you and your business, making sure that your expectations aren't just met, that they are exceeded! No hard sell - what good does that do? ;-) If what I've been talking about above sounds like it might be for you....then send me an email debbie(at) - or heck just give me a call 206-579-0249!

Who is best suited for the Accelerator?

A micro or small business owner who is desiring professional accountability and coaching, and is open to sharing and receiving wisdom and best practices.

How many people are in each Accelerator?

4 in each group.

How long is each Accelerator call?

Two hours and twenty minutes. 30 minutes dedicated to each member and 20 minutes of brainstorming and collaboration

How do I know the other SBOs (Small Business Owners) are at the same level I am?

You won’t. Though I will tell you that every member is personally screened by me, and has to have a certain level of business experience, and because of the way these sessions are structured everyone is met exactly where they are by me as the coach and facilitator. Unlike many group coaching programs that are curriculum based and “one person” never seems to get a concept, this is about YOU. Where you are and how you can best be supported. By coaching with me in a 30 minute laser session you will always get ME coaching you, AND you will benefit from the ideas shared with the other 3 participants in the Accelerator, and maybe you’ll have some tips and tricks to share as well. This is where the Mastermind part comes into play.

Do I need to be on every call?

Yes, in order to get your coaching you must be present and remain on the call. This group will count on you as much as you will count on them. You will be a tiny gang for 6 months. You can’t let yourself down, or them down. If you miss two calls, you will be asked to exit the group.

4+ hours a month seems like a lot of time.

Professionally facilitated mastermind programs with 4 or more people meet once/month and have one hour allocated to each person. You finally have time to work ON your business, not just IN your business.

Will I have a lot of homework?

No. These are things that you need to be executing anyhow in your business. Now, you'll finally have accountability and structure to get them done! 

Will we talk about my business finances?

If that's what you want to use your time for absolutely! The point of the Accelerator is to meet you where you are, give you the proven tools and strategies I know get results. If it's about revenue - great! If it's about sales - perfect! If it's about marketing - fantastic! Remember this program is ALL about you!

Why are the sessions scheduled two weeks apart?

Part of the success of this program is consistency of accountability and execution. Once a month would feed the procrastination beast. Once a week is not sustainable.

What are the exact dates of these calls?

April 13 & 27, May 11 & 25, June 15 & 29, July 13 &27, August 10 & 24, September 7 & 21

You'll want to act quickly and grab some time on my calendar so we can talk about how The Achievement Accelerators will benefit your business. 



I know this can be your best year ever and I want to be part of your success! 


Business Coach Debbie Page
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